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Web development tools
Page inspector with element picker and CSS property editor

Web development tools (often called devtools or inspect element) allow web developers to test and debug their code. They are different from website builders and integrated development environments (IDEs) in that they do not assist in the direct creation of a webpage, rather they are tools used for testing the user interface of a website or web application.

Web development tools come as browser add-ons or built-in features in web browsers. Most popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera,[1] have built-in tools to help web developers, and many additional add-ons can be found in their respective plugin download centers.

Web development tools allow developers to work with a variety of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, the DOM, JavaScript, and other components that are handled by the web browser. Due to increasing demand from web browsers to do more,[2] popular web browsers have included more features geared for developers.[3]

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