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Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School information

Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School
Joplin, Missouri
Coordinates37°05′58″N 94°28′14″W / 37.09951°N 94.47057°W / 37.09951; -94.47057Coordinates: 37°05′58″N 94°28′14″W / 37.09951°N 94.47057°W / 37.09951; -94.47057
School typePrivate, Independent
Enrollment345 coed students
Campus typeRural
Color(s)   Purple and Gold

Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is an independent, liberal arts, college prep private school in Joplin, Missouri, USA.

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Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is an independent, liberal arts, college prep private school in Joplin, Missouri, USA. Thomas Jefferson Independent...

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