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In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuum. Spacetime diagrams are useful in visualizing and understanding relativistic effects such as how different observers perceive where and when events occur.

Until the turn of the 20th century, the assumption had been that the three-dimensional geometry of the universe (its description in terms of locations, shapes, distances, and directions) was distinct from time (the measurement of when events occur within the universe). However, space and time took on new meanings with the Lorentz transformation and special theory of relativity.

In 1908, Hermann Minkowski presented a geometric interpretation of special relativity that fused time and the three spatial dimensions of space into a single four-dimensional continuum now known as Minkowski space. This interpretation proved vital to the general theory of relativity, wherein spacetime is curved by mass and energy.

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In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional...

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General relativity

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geometric property of space and time or four-dimensional spacetime. In particular, the curvature of spacetime is directly related to the energy and momentum of...

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Spacetime diagram

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A spacetime diagram is a graphical illustration of locations in space at various times, especially in the special theory of relativity. Spacetime diagrams...

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A wormhole is a hypothetical structure connecting disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations. A...

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Minkowski space

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In mathematical physics, Minkowski space (or Minkowski spacetime) (/mɪŋˈkɔːfski, -ˈkɒf-/) combines inertial space and time manifolds with a non-inertial...

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Stationary spacetime

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equations, a spacetime is said to be stationary if it admits a Killing vector that is asymptotically timelike. In a stationary spacetime, the metric tensor...

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Quantum foam

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Quantum foam or spacetime foam is a theoretical quantum fluctuation of spacetime on very small scales due to quantum mechanics. The theory predicts that...

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Spacetime topology

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Spacetime topology is the topological structure of spacetime, a topic studied primarily in general relativity. This physical theory models gravitation...

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Quantum gravity

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gravity as curvature of spacetime: in the slogan of John Archibald Wheeler, "Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve." On the...

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Gravitational singularity

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gravitational singularity, spacetime singularity or simply singularity is a condition in which gravity is predicted to be so intense that spacetime itself would break...

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Einstein field equations

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related the local spacetime curvature (expressed by the Einstein tensor) with the local energy, momentum and stress within that spacetime (expressed by the...

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Special relativity

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Hermann Minkowski's papers on spacetime. The theory is "special" in that it only applies in the special case where the spacetime is "flat", that is, where...

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Spacetime symmetries

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Spacetime symmetries are features of spacetime that can be described as exhibiting some form of symmetry. The role of symmetry in physics is important...

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Quantum spacetime

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mathematical physics, the concept of quantum spacetime is a generalization of the usual concept of spacetime in which some variables that ordinarily commute...

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Semantic spacetime

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Semantic spacetime is a theoretical framework for agent-based modelling of spacetime, based on Promise Theory. It is relevant both as a model of computer...

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Quantum field theory in curved spacetime

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field theory in curved spacetime (QFTCS) is an extension of quantum field theory from Minkowski spacetime to a general curved spacetime. This theory uses a...

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1915), which describes gravity not as a force, but as the curvature of spacetime, caused by the uneven distribution of mass, and causing masses to move...

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Static spacetime

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relativity, a spacetime is said to be static if it does not change over time and is also irrotational. It is a special case of a stationary spacetime, which...

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List of spacetimes

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Lemaître–Tolman spacetime pp-wave spacetime Alcubierre spacetime Einstein static universe spacetime Ellis wormhole spacetime Gödel spacetime Taub–NUT spacetime Kasner...

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Time travel

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it, such as a rotating black hole. Traveling to an arbitrary point in spacetime has very limited support in theoretical physics, and is usually connected...

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Theory of relativity

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primarily by Isaac Newton. It introduced concepts including 4-dimensional spacetime as a unified entity of space and time, relativity of simultaneity, kinematic...

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Black hole

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A black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing, including light and other electromagnetic waves, has enough energy to escape...

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with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensional continuum known as spacetime. The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to...

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Penrose diagram

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different points in spacetime through a conformal treatment of infinity. It is an extension (suitable for the curved spacetimes of e.g. general relativity)...

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