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South Bohemian Region information

South Bohemian Region
Jihočeský kraj
Jindřichův Hradec castle
Jindřichův Hradec castle
Flag of South Bohemian Region
Coat of arms of South Bohemian Region
CountryCzech Republic
CapitalČeské Budějovice
DistrictsČeský Krumlov District, Jindřichův Hradec District, Písek District, Prachatice District, Strakonice District, Tábor District
 • GovernorMartin Kuba (ODS)
 • Total10,056.79 km2 (3,882.95 sq mi)
Highest elevation
1,378 m (4,521 ft)
 • Total654,505
 • Density65/km2 (170/sq mi)
 • TotalCZK 291.708 billion
(€11.377 billion)
ISO 3166 codeCZ-31
Vehicle registrationC

The South Bohemian Region (Czech: Jihočeský kraj) is an administrative unit (kraj) of the Czech Republic, located mostly in the southern part of its historical land of Bohemia, with a small part in southwestern Moravia. The western part of the South Bohemian Region is former Prácheňsko, a huge archaic region with distinctive features with its capital, Písek. In 2011, there were 624 municipalities in the region, whereof 54 had a status of a town.

The region borders (from the west clockwise) the regions of Plzeň, Central Bohemian, Vysočina and South Moravian. To the south, it borders Austria (Lower Austria and Upper Austria) and Germany (Bavaria). Until 30 May 2001, the region was named as Budějovický kraj or Českobudějovický kraj, after its capital, České Budějovice.

Due to its geographical location and natural surroundings the region belongs to the first settlements that appeared in the distant past. Over the past centuries, the South Bohemian region has been known for fishpond cultivation and forestry. The region has been industrialized since the beginning of the twentieth century. Nowadays, it is a tourist destination due to its natural and historical richness, and the fastest growing industry has been the travel industry.[3]

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