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Santander Department information

Department of Santander
Departamento de Santander
Flag of Department of Santander
Coat of arms of Department of Santander
Santandereanos siempre adelante
(Spanish: People of Santander always ahead)
Anthem: Himno de Santander
Santander shown in red
Santander shown in red
Topography of the department
Topography of the department
Coordinates: 7°8′N 73°0′W / 7.133°N 73.000°W / 7.133; -73.000
CountrySantander Department Colombia
RegionAndean Region
EstablishedMay 13, 1857
Largest cityBucaramanga
 • GovernorDidier Alberto Tavera Amado (2016-2019) (Liberal Party)
 • Total30,537 km2 (11,790 sq mi)
 • Rank12th
 • Total2,184,837
 • Rank6th
 • Density72/km2 (190/sq mi)
 • TotalCOP 92,277 billion
(US$ 21.7 billion)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-SAN
HDI (2019)0.778[3]
high · 6th of 33

Santander (Spanish pronunciation: [santanˈdeɾ]) is a department of Colombia. Santander inherited the name of one of the nine original states of the United States of Colombia. It is located in the central northern part of the country, borders the Magdalena River to the east, Boyacá to the south and southeast, the Norte de Santander Department to the northeast, the Cesar Department to the north, the Bolivar and Antioquia Departments to the west. Its capital is the city of Bucaramanga.

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