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San Vicente Department information

San Vicente
Flag of San Vicente
Coat of arms of San Vicente
Location within El Salvador
Location within El Salvador
Coordinates: 13°31′34″N 88°45′07″W / 13.526°N 88.752°W / 13.526; -88.752
CountrySan Vicente Department El Salvador
(given current status)
SeatSan Vicente
 • Total1,184.0 km2 (457.1 sq mi)
 • RankRanked 11th
 • Total174,561
 • RankRanked 13th
 • Density150/km2 (380/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeSV-SV

San Vicente (Spanish pronunciation: [sam biˈsente]) is a department of El Salvador in the center of the country. The capital is San Vicente. On October 4, 1834, San Vicente City of Austria and Lorenzana (Ciudad de San Vicente de Austria y Lorenzana) was made the capital of State of El Salvador during the Federal Republic of Central America. In 1840, it was no longer the capital of the State of El Salvador, but it continues to be the capital of the department. The department was created on June 12, 1824. The San Vicente department is 1,184 km2 (457 sq mi) and has a population in excess of 174,500. The forest Bosque La Joya is found in San Vincente.

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