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Operation Hump
Part of the Vietnam War
A soldier laying prone on the ground with his back to camera. Through the broken foliage and smoke other soldiers can be seen.
US paratroopers under fire during Operation Hump
Date5–8 November 1965
Bắc Tân Uyên District, Đồng Nai Province, South Vietnam
11°06′04″N 106°56′53″E / 11.101°N 106.948°E / 11.101; 106.948
Result Allied victory
Operation Hump United States
Operation Hump Australia
Operation Hump New Zealand
Operation Hump Viet Cong
Commanders and leaders
United States Ellis W. Williamson
United States John E. Tyler
Australia Lou Brumfield
Units involved
United States 173rd Airborne Brigade
Australia 1 RAR
New Zealand 161 Bty
Operation Hump Q762 Regiment
Operation Hump D800 Battalion
400 1,200
Casualties and losses
United States 49 killed
Australia 2 missing (Found deceased).[1]
US body count: 400-700 killed

Operation Hump was a search and destroy operation initiated by United States and Australian forces on 5 November 1965, during the Vietnam War.

The US-Australian objective was to drive out Viet Cong (VC) unit who had taken up positions on several key hills in War Zone D in an area about 17.5 miles (28.2 km) north of Bien Hoa. The U.S. 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (1/503rd), 173rd Airborne Brigade conducted a helicopter assault on an LZ northwest of the Dong Nai River and Song Be River. The 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) was deployed south of the Dong Nai. On 8 November the major engagement of the operation took place when a VC Regiment attempted to encircle and overrun the 1/503rd resulting in 49 U.S. killed and between 400 and 700 VC killed. On the same day in an engagement known later as the Battle of Gang Toi, 1RAR attacked a VC bunker and trench system, killing six VC and capturing five, while losing two missing.

  1. ^ "Four remain missing from Vietnam war". The Age. 4 June 2007.

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