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Mataveri International Airport information

Mataveri International Airport

Rapa Nui Airport
A LAN Chile aircraft at Mataveri in 2001
  • WMO: 85469[1]
Airport typeMilitary/Public
OperatorFACH – Fuerza Aérea de Chile (Chilean Air Force)
Elevation AMSL227 ft / 69 m
Coordinates27°09′53″S 109°25′18″W / 27.16472°S 109.42167°W / -27.16472; -109.42167
IPC is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of airport in the Pacific Ocean
Direction Length Surface
m ft
10/28 3,305 10,843 Asphalt
Sources: GCM[2] SkyVector[3] Google Maps[4]

Mataveri International Airport or Isla de Pascua Airport (IATA: IPC, ICAO: SCIP) is at Hanga Roa on Rapa Nui / (Easter Island) (Isla de Pascua in Spanish). The most remote airport in the world (defined as distance to another airport),[5] it is 2,336 miles (3,759 km) from Santiago, Chile (SCL) which has scheduled flights to it on the Chilean carrier LATAM Chile. The runway starts just inland from the island's southeast coast at Mataveri, and nearly reaches the west coast, almost separating the mountain of Rano Kau from the rest of the island. The airport is the main point of entry for visitors to Easter Island. It has a transit lounge that was formerly used by passengers continuing to or returning from Papeete, Tahiti, which was serviced by LATAM until June 2020.

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