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Martvili downtown
Martvili downtown
Martvili is located in Georgia
Location of Martvili in Georgia
Martvili is located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
Martvili (Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti)
Coordinates: 42°24′50″N 42°22′40″E / 42.41389°N 42.37778°E / 42.41389; 42.37778
CountryMartvili Georgia
RegionSamegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
District Martvili
170 m (560 ft)
 • Total3,980
Time zoneUTC+4 (Georgian Time)
The Martvili Monastery

Martvili (Georgian: მარტვილი) is a small town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province of Western Georgia. Its monastery was Samegrelo's clerical centre in the Middle Ages. Under Soviet rule, from 1936 to 1990, it was named Gegechkori after Sasha Gegechkori, an Old Bolshevik.

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Martvili (Georgian: მარტვილი) is a small town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province of Western Georgia. Its monastery was Samegrelo's clerical centre in the...

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Martvili Municipality

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Martvili (Georgian: მარტვილის მუნიციპალიტეტი) is a district of Georgia, in the region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti. Its main town is Martvili. Martvili Municipality...

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Mingrelian language

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rule is not valid if in the stem with r an l appears later, e.g. marṫvili ("Martvili", the town) dj marṫvil-ur-i (adj. "Martvilian") In a stem with voiceless...

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Martvili Monastery

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Martvili Monastery (Georgian: მარტვილის მონასტერი) is a Georgian monastic complex located in the village of Martvili in the Martvili District of the Samegrelo-Zemo...

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FC Merani Martvili

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FC Merani Martvili is a Georgian association football club based in Martvili. Following the 2023 season, they were relegated Liga 3, the third division...

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Ioane Mesvete

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Mesvete created calligraphic works while living at the Martvili Monastery. In 1050 he rewrote the Martvili Gospels. Mesvete wrote in the Georgian Nuskhuri script...

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Gachedili Canyon Natural Monument

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ძეგლი) and Martvili Canyon (Georgian: მარტვილის კანიონი) is an Abasha river erosion canyon located in Samegrelo region of Western Georgia in Martvili Municipality...

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Bandza (Georgian: ბანძა) is a village located in the west part of Georgia, Martvili municipality (in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region). It consists of three...

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List of renamed cities in Georgia

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Sohumkale → Sukhumi Elisabethtal → Asureti (1943) Chqondidi → Martvili → Gegechkori (1936) → Martvili (1990) Kvirila → Jugeli (1920) → Zestafoni (1921) Qarayazı...

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Evgeni Gegechkori

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Evgeni Gegechkori (Georgian: ევგენი გეგეჭკორი) (20 January 1881, in Martvili – 5 June 1954, in Paris) was a Georgian nobleman, politician, and Social Democratic...

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Namin County, Ardabil Province, Iran FC Merani Martvili, a Georgian association football club based in Martvili FC Merani Tbilisi, a Georgian football club...

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Giorgi Mamardashvili

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Mamardashvili, who after retirement became a goalkeeping coach at Merani Martvili and later Torpedo Kutaisi. Giorgi married model Elene Epitashvili in 2023...

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FC Torpedo Kutaisi

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including Dinamo Tbilisi in the semifinal, and prevailed over Merani Martvili in the final stage. In 2016, FC Torpedo was sold by the local municipality...

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2023 Erovnuli Liga 2

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to Liga 3 • Rustavi Gareji Sagarejo Kolkheti Poti Kolkheti Khobi Merani Martvili Sioni Bolnisi Tbilisi Tbilisi teams: WIT Georgia Dinamo-2 Lokomotivi Spaeri...

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For Georgia

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of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, is currently the majoritarian MP of Abasha-Martvili-Tsalenjikha-Chkhorotsku, and Shalva Kereselidze, the former governor of...

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Volodymyr Lobas

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Ukrainian football coach and a former player. He is managing FC Merani Martvili. He played for the main squad of FC Dynamo Kyiv in the USSR Federation...

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Medea Chakhava

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Georgian theater and film actress. Chakhava was born on May 15, 1921, in Martvili, Georgia. Her father, Vasil Chakhava, was a renowned Georgian doctor. Medea...

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Badri Kvaratskhelia

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because on 6 October 2015, he was then appointed as the manager of FC Merani Martvili. In April 2018, Kvaratskhelia became the manager of FC Samtredia. He resigned...

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2023 Georgian Cup

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II 0–1 Irao Tbilisi Margveti 2006 1–2 Matchakhela Khelvachauri Merani Martvili II 2–0 Odishi 1919 Samegrelo Chkorotsku 0–7 Betlemi Keda Shturmi 1–2 Meshakhte...

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Murtaz Khurtsilava

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the school garden in Gegechkori, a small town in Caucasus – now known as Martvili – where he learned to play football with a ball made of hay and rags. He...

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Ambrosius of Georgia

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Aghmsarebeli). Ambrosius was born as Besarion Khelaia (ბესარიონ ხელაია) in Martvili, Georgia, then part of Imperial Russia. He graduated from the Tiflis Theological...

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province of Western Georgia. The village is located in 15 kilometers from Martvili. According to the data of 2014, 713 people live in the village of Vedidkari...

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2024 Georgian Cup

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2024 Matchakhela (3) 2–4 Merani Martvili (3) Borjomi (3) 4–1 Guria (3) 13 May 2024 Varketili-2 (4) 6–3 Merani-2 Martvili (4) Chikhura (4) 1–4 Lokomotive-2...

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Nakhunavo (Georgian: ნახუნავო) is a village in the Martvili Municipality of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti in western Georgia. Georgian Soviet Encyclopedia Vol...

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(Georgian: გაჭედილი; Mingrelian: გოჭკადილი) is a village located in the Martvili Municipality of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region in Georgia. Gachedili...

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