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Malleco River, flows into the Vergara River

Malleco River is a river in Malleco Province, La Araucanía Region, central Chile. It rises in the western slopes of the Andes, within the Tolhuaca National Park and near Tolhuaca Volcano.[1] After passing by Tolhuaca, it drops into a 50 meter waterfall before continuing towards the Pacific.[2] The river is a major tributary to the Vergara River, which is a tributary of the Biobío River. The Malleco Viaduct, built in 1890 and at the time the highest railroad bridge in the world, is the main landmark of the river and a candidate as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[3]

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Malleco River

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Malleco River is a river in Malleco Province, La Araucanía Region, central Chile. It rises in the western slopes of the Andes, within the Tolhuaca National...

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Malleco may refer to Things in Chile Malleco Province Malleco River Malleco Viaduct Other Malleco (moth), a moth genus This disambiguation page lists...

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Malleco Viaduct

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The Malleco Viaduct (Spanish: Viaducto del Malleco) is a railway bridge located in central Chile, passing over the Malleco River valley, south of Collipulli...

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the Republic of Chile advanced the frontier south from Bío Bío River to Malleco River where a well defended line of forts was established between 1861...

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Malleco Province

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Malleco Province (Spanish: Provincia de Malleco) is one of two provinces in the southern Chilean region of La Araucanía (IX). Its population as of the...

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Malleco Formation (Spanish: Formación Malleco) is a geological formation of volcanic origin in the Andes of Araucanía Region (38–39° S), Chile. The formation...

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of Civil Engineering (in Greek). 2017-10-29. Retrieved 2022-08-20. "Old River Station | Cincinnati Section ASCE". Retrieved 2022-08-10. "Boundary Layer...

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south of Bío-Bío River began to be bought by non-Mapuches in the late 18th century, and by 1860 land between Bío-Bío and Malleco River was mostly under...

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Mapuche uprising of 1881

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settlements but also to push the frontier all the way from Malleco River to Cautín River. Interior minister Manuel Recabarren was appointed by president...

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parts of South America. Larvae specimen have been collected along the Malleco River and additionally from a farm mill, whereas an adult specimen has been...

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Temuco Railroad Station". Paris: UNESCO. Retrieved 24 September 2017. "Malleco Viaduct". Paris: UNESCO. Retrieved 24 September 2017. "Monte Verde Archeological...

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Sofanor Parra

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Occupation of Araucanía, between 1872 and 1874. He operated on the Malleco River line, under the command of Colonel Gregorio Urrutia. During this period...

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Tolhuaca National Park

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part of the Malleco National Reserve. In 1985, a second section of Malleco National Reserve was also made part of the national park. Malleco National Reserve...

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Vergara River

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Vergara River is a river located in the Intermediate Depression of Chile. The river rises at the junction of the Malleco and Rehue rivers, close to the...

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for Civil and Structural Engineering". "Loa Viaduct". "Malleco Viaduct". "Chacao Channel Bridge". "Presidente Ibañez Bridge". "Yelcho...

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Concepción, Coquimbo, Curicó, Linares, Llanquihue, Magallanes (since 1929), Malleco, Maule, Ñuble, O'Higgins, Osorno (since 1940), Santiago, Talca, Tarapacá...

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Collipulli is a city and commune forming part of the Malleco Province in the Araucanía Region in southern Chile. Its name means "coloured lands" in the...

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Percilia irwini

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of perch-like fish in the family Perciliidae found only in the Malleco and Bio-Bio River basins in Chile. World Conservation Monitoring Centre (1996)....

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Mapuche conflict

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independently and by different means. Some groups, such as the Coordinadora Arauco-Malleco (CAM), have used violent tactics since 1998, while other groups have preferred...

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the Malleco Province in the Araucanía Region of southern Chile. It is located at the foot of the Nahuelbuta Range and next to the Vergara River, that...

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