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Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and Levon Aronian (Armenia) playing against each other during the 2007 Linares International Chess Tournament

The Linares International Chess Tournament (Spanish: Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de Linares) was an annual chess tournament, usually played around the end of February, which takes its name from the city of Linares in the Jaén province of Andalusia, Spain, in which it was held. It is sometimes described as the Wimbledon of chess, being one of the strongest annual tournaments held on the de facto chess tour, along with the "Tata Steel" (Wijk aan Zee), Tal Memorial and Dortmund events.

The Linares tournament began in 1978 and was held annually from 1988 to 2010 (with the exception of 1996). Since 2010, the tournament has not been held for financial reasons.

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Linares International Chess Tournament

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The Linares International Chess Tournament (Spanish: Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de Linares) was an annual chess tournament, usually played...

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most recognized chess tournaments for individual competition include the Candidates Tournament, Linares International Chess Tournament (now defunct) and...

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Spain Deportes Linares, a football team in Linares, Chile Linares International Chess Tournament, Linares, Jaén, Spain Palace of Linares, Madrid, Spain...

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the GSCA (Grand Slam Chess Association) in Linares on 7 March 2009, the GSCA Presidential board was chosen: Juan Fernandez (Linares) – President Silvio...

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Magnus Carlsen

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Aronian, Radjabov and Topalov". New in Chess (2): 10–47. "Linares R14: Anand wins Morelia/Linares by a full point". ChessBase News. 10 March 2007. Archived...

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Torneo International De Ajedrez, Linares 1st 1998 Madrid tournament, 1st 1998 Fontys International Chess Tournament, Tilburg 1st 1999 Linares Chess Tournament...

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1981 in chess

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Timman for the second time. The 3rd Linares International Chess Tournament was held in its customary location of Linares, Spain. It was won jointly by Anatoly...

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"Grand Slam" of major tournament victories at Dortmund, Linares, Corus and Tal Memorial. The next year, Leko struggled at Morelia-Linares tying for last place...

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Anatoly Karpov

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Spring chess tournament with a performance of 3002. Chess statistician Jeff Sonas considers Karpov's Linares performance the best tournament result in...

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 302) "Linares 2008". Archived from the original on 3 February 2020. Retrieved 4 January 2011. Golombek, Harry (1977). Golombek's Encyclopedia of chess (1st ed...

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between the organisers of major tournaments M-Tel Masters, Tata Steel Chess Tournament (under the name Corus) and Linares began in March 2006, seeking to...

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The Candidates Tournament (or in some periods Candidates Matches) is a chess tournament organized by FIDE, chess's international governing body, since...

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Vasyl Ivanchuk

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attained chess world fame in 1991 at the age of 21 when he won the Linares tournament. Fourteen players participated, eight of them, including World Chess Champion...

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Teimour Radjabov

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him from being invited to top tournaments after he defeated him at Linares 2003. Radjabov participated in 2004 Linares, where he scored +2−2=8 and shared...

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Garry Kasparov

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prestigious Linares tournament for the ninth time, Kasparov announced on 10 March 2005 that he would retire from regular competitive chess. He cited as...

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Jaan Eslon

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the International Master title and moved to Spain. In 1978 he won Linares International Chess Tournament. 1980–1983 he won San Sebastian Tournament. He...

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Fabiano Caruana

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best tournament result in history, beating out Magnus Carlsen in the 2009 Nanjing Pearl Spring tournament and Anatoly Karpov in the 1994 Linares chess tournament...

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1988 in chess

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April 1988. It closed in June 1988. Corus Chess Tournament Linares chess tournament List of strong chess tournaments "Top men's ratings 1970–1997". Archived...

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1995 in chess

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out with the organisers. Ivanchuk is the winner at the Linares International Chess Tournament with 10/13, ahead of Karpov (9). Gelfand and Kramnik share...

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beach soccer team Linares International Chess Tournament Kontxako Bandera Valencian pilota is a traditional Valencian sports. Tournaments includes trinquete...

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Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam

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2015) and The Day Kasparov Quit (2006). His book Linares! Linares!, A Journey into the Heart of Chess (2001, first published as Het Geheime Wonder in Dutch...

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