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Natural landscape, Lebialem
Natural landscape, Lebialem
Department location in Cameroon
Department location in Cameroon
Lebialem is located in Cameroon
Lebialem is located in Africa
Coordinates: 5°42′47″N 10°03′54″E / 5.71306°N 10.06500°E / 5.71306; 10.06500
CountryLebialem Cameroon
ProvinceSouthwest Province
 • Total238 sq mi (617 km2)
 • Total113,736
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Lebialem is a department of Southwest Region in Cameroon. The Division covers an area of 617 km2 and as of 2005 had a total population of 113,736.[1] The capital of the department lies at Menji. Lebialem got its name from the Lebialem Falls, a twin water fall, which means ' a hill from which water drops '. The Division is dominated by two ethnic groups, the Mundani to the north and the Bangwa to the south (ba meaning people of), though other ethnic groups exists, the makeup a minority, example the Mbo, Banyangi and Bamiléké.

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Lebialem is a department of Southwest Region in Cameroon. The Division covers an area of 617 km2 and as of 2005 had a total population of 113,736. The...

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Fontem is a sub division in the Lebialem division of Cameroon. Consisting of three Fondoms, Lebang, the biggest, Essoh Etah and Fotabong III. Its headquarters...

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Lekeaka Oliver

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the Interim Government of Ambazonia. The Red Dragon is mainly active in Lebialem Division, Southwest Region. Oliver was the brother of Chris Anu, former...

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capital of the Fontem district in Cameroon. It is also the capital of Lebialem division. Communes of Cameroon Site de la primature - Élections municipales...

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Ngwe language

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Ngwe (Ŋwɛh, Nweh) is a Bamileke language spoken predominantly in Lebialem, Cameroon. As of 2001, Ngwe had 73,200 speakers, which was an increase from the...

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Departments of Cameroon

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Cameroon contains the following six departments: Fako Koupé-Manengouba Lebialem Manyu Meme Ndian The West province of Cameroon contains the following eight...

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List of Ambazonian commanders in the Anglophone Crisis

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Orock Valentine ("General Mbula") † - ADF commander, operated in Manyu and Lebialem. Allied to "General Ayeke" at one point. Killed by security forces at Ekpor...

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council/commune in Cameroon. It is the headquarters of Wabane sub-division in Lebialem division Southwest Region of Cameroon. Wabane was selected and named at...

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Mmuock Leteh

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tribe. Administratively, it is found in the Wabane subdivision of the Lebialem Division in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. Located at 5.675°N/10.041°E...

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traders and consumers that rely on gorillas for profit. In Cameroon's Lebialem highlands, folk stories connect people and gorillas via totems; a gorilla's...

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List of Ambazonian militant groups

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"Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Ambazonia General, Ayekeh wreaks havoc in Lebialem". Cameroon Info. Retrieved 15 June 2023. Atia T. Azohwi (13 October 2020)...

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Anglophone Crisis

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killing of Lekeaka Oliver, Field Marshall of the Red Dragon militia, in Lebialem; the killing was denied by the IG, and was also denied by sources within...

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Mmock Leleng . The first three villages are found in the English-speaking Lebialem Division in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, while Mmock Leleng lies in...

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Miss Earth 2023

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Pouvjessica Tan 19 Stung Treng Asia & Oceania Cameroon Atem Noella 25 Lebialem Africa Canada Layanna Robinson 18 Victoria Americas Chile Ximena Huala...

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List of rebel groups that control territory

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2019 Several villages in Lebialem department of Southwest Province in Cameroon The Red Dragon militia controlling parts of Lebialem is loyal to the Interim...

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Southern Cameroons

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093 Meme Kumba 3,105 Ndian Mundemba 6,626 Kupe-Manengouba Bangem 3,404 Lebialem Menji 617 Manyu Mamfe 9,565 Momo Mbengwi 1,792 Mezam Bamenda 1,745 Ngoketundjia...

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Astropanax barteri

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Region, the Rumpi Hills in Southwest Region, the Bakossi Mountains, the Lebialem Highlands at Fosimondi. It grows in humid evergreen lowland rain forest...

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Cross River gorilla

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assessing taboos against hunting and eating these endangered species. In the Lebialem division of Cameroon, 86% of the population were in favour of the conservation...

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Communes of Cameroon

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Centre Akonolinga Nyong-et-Mfoumou Centre Akwaya Manyu Sud-Ouest Alou Lebialem Sud-Ouest Ambam Vallée du Ntem Sud Andek Momo Nord-Ouest Angossas Haut-Nyong...

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are the Balongs, there is a significant population of the Bangwas from Lebialem Division who have migrated to Muyuka, engaged in agriculture and politics...

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Januarius Jingwa Asongu

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Jingwa Asongu Born Januarius Asongu (1970-08-17)17 August 1970 Lewoh, Lebialem, Cameroon Occupation President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Monica...

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Widikum people

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of the Widikum-speaking people found in Momo division, parts of Mezam, Lebialem, Manyu, Menchum, Menoua, and Bamboutus divisions. Residing in the Momo...

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