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Provincial capital and city
Ville de Kabinda
Kabinda is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 6°07′48″S 24°28′48″E / 6.13000°S 24.48000°E / -6.13000; 24.48000
Country DR Congo
CommunesKabondo, Kabuelabuela, Kajiba, Mudingayi
 • MayorAnne Marie Tshiabu[1]
 • City27 km2 (10 sq mi)
845 m (2,772 ft)
 • City219,154
 • Density8,100/km2 (21,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+2 (Central Africa Time)

6°07′48″S 24°28′48″E / 6.13000°S 24.48000°E / -6.13000; 24.48000 Kabinda is the capital city of Lomami Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Projected to be the second fastest growing African continent city between 2020 and 2025, with a 6.37% growth. [3]

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6°07′48″S 24°28′48″E / 6.13000°S 24.48000°E / -6.13000; 24.48000 Kabinda is the capital city of Lomami Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo...

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Cabinda (formerly called Portuguese Congo, Kongo: Kabinda) is an exclave and province of Angola, a status that has been disputed by several political...

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06°08′S 024°29′E / 6.133°S 24.483°E / -6.133; 24.483 Kabinda District was a district of the Belgian Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo...

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Lomami was formed from the Kabinda district and the independently administered city of Mwene-Ditu. The town of Kabinda was elevated to capital city...

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I Gusti Putu Danny Nugraha Karya

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as the Head of Regional State Intelligence Agency (Kepala BIN Daerah (Kabinda)) until his death in combat. He replaced the late Brigjen Abdul Haris Napoleon...

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Republic of Cabinda

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The Republic of Cabinda (Ibinda: Kilansi kia Kabinda; Portuguese: República de Cabinda) was an independent protectorate of Portugal that was taken over...

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Kabinda is a territory of Lomami province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. "Cellule d'Analyses des Indicateurs de Développement". (in...

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kabinda (Latin: Kabindaën(sis)) is a Latin suffragan diocese in the ecclesiastical province of Kananga in the Democratic...

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Adolphe Lumanu

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September 1952 in Kabinda, Lomami Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a politician. Adolphe Lumanu was born in the Kabinda District. He became...

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without passing through other states' territory. Cabinda (also spelled Kabinda, formerly Portuguese Congo) is a semi-exclave and a province of Angola...

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to: Wikisource has the text of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article "Kabinda". Cabinda Province, an exclave and Province of Angola Cabinda (city), the...

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Diamond YM Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 2007 The Swing of Things Claude Kabinda Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough 2008 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lysander...

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Tunta Airport (IATA: KBN, ICAO: FZWT) is an airport serving the town of Kabinda, Lomami Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Democratic Republic...

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2010-01-15. Official Government of Republic of Cabinda website (in Portuguese) Kabinda Nation (in Portuguese) FLEC Noticias (in Portuguese) Incidents attributed...

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the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Uele, Ituri, Equateur, Sankuru, Kabinda and Lualaba). Wikimedia Commons has media related to Anthene lutzi. Wikispecies...

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also continued his law practice, in October 1974 defending Desmond "Ras Kabinda" Trotter and Roy Mason who were accused of murdering an American tourist...

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GDJ, ICAO: FZWC) was an airport serving Gandajika, a territory in the Kabinda district of the Kasaï-Oriental province, in the Democratic Republic of...

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Kisangani's leading specialty-food export, with imports of cocoa from nearby Kabinda District. During the holidays, the young people enjoy the school holidays...

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Edward Makuka Nkoloso

Last Update: "The Global Trip 2004". 18 April 2004. Kabinda Lemba (Producer) (9 September 2013). Mukuka Nkoloso the Afronaut (Television...

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many of them slave warriors, to the east of the Sankuru River between Kabinda and Lusambo. The group were thriving through slave raiding and trading...

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Mbuji-Mayi 9,545 (3,685) 3,601,000 377.3 Kasaï-Oriental UTC+2 9 Lomami LO Kabinda 56,426 (21,786) 2,801,000 49.6 Kasaï-Oriental UTC+2 10 Sankuru SA Lusambo...

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Boma Matadi Kenge Bandundu Kikwit Tshikapa Kananga Mbuji-Mayi Lusambo Kabinda Mwene-Ditu Kamina Kolwezi Lubumbashi Likasi Kalemie Kindu Bukavu Goma Butembo...

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