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Joensuu Airport information

Joensuu Airport

Joensuun lentoasema
EFJO terminal 20110522.jpg
Airport typePublic
LocationLiperi, Finland
Elevation AMSL399 ft / 122 m
Coordinates62°39′32″N 029°37′28″E / 62.65889°N 29.62444°E / 62.65889; 29.62444Coordinates: 62°39′32″N 029°37′28″E / 62.65889°N 29.62444°E / 62.65889; 29.62444
JOE is located in Finland
Location within Finland
Direction Length Surface
m ft
10/28 2,500 8,202 Asphalt
Statistics (2015)
Source: AIP Finland[1]
Statistics from Finavia[2]

Joensuu Airport (IATA: JOE, ICAO: EFJO) is an airport in Liperi, Finland, about 11 kilometres (7 mi) northwest of the city centre of Joensuu.

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