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Hlubi people information

Hlubi People
AmaHlubi AmaNgelengele
Total population
~3 million
Regions with significant populations
Hlubi people South Africa, Hlubi people Lesotho
IsiHlubi, IsiXhosa, Sesotho
African Traditional Religion, Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Xhosa, Zulu, Swati, Southern Ndebele, Northern Ndebele and Phuthi
The AmaHlubi Nation

The Hlubi people or AmaHlubi are an AmaMbo ethnic group native to Southern Africa, with the majority of population found in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa.

Hlubi people are located in Eastern Cape, Lesotho, and KwaZulu-Natal most Amahlubi speak IsiXhosa, Sesotho, and a handful speaks isiZulu, the language is near extinction many AmaHlubi identify themselves as Xhosa or Sotho, Zulu speakers.

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Hlubi people

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The Hlubi people or AmaHlubi are an AmaMbo ethnic group native to Southern Africa, with the majority of population found in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal...

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Hlubi language

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scattered Hlubi people speak several languages, including Swazi, and the Hlubi dialect of Xhosa in the former Bantustan of Ciskei. "Isizwe SamaHlubi: Submission...

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Hlubi Kings

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This article lists the AmaHlubi kings and chiefs. Luphindo Ludidi Hadebe Mdletye Ndaba Zibi Dlomo Magadla Mehlomakhulu Masoka Siphambo Ntsele/Nasele Makhayingi...

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Hlubi Mboya

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Hlubi Arnold (née Mboya born 2 March 1978), is a South African actress. On television, she has portrayed Nandipha Sithole in the soap opera Isidingo....

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King Mthimkhulu II

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Mthimkhulu II (Also known as *Ngwadlazibomvu*) was King of the AmaHlubi people, a Bantu Kingdom from Southern Africa. He succeeded his father King Bhungane...

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Ayanda Hlubi

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Ayanda Hlubi (born 16 July 2004) is a South African cricketer who currently plays for KwaZulu-Natal Coastal. She plays as a right-arm medium bowler. She...

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Langalibalele (isiHlubi: meaning 'The blazing sun', also known as Mthethwa, Mdingi (c 1814 – 1889), was king of the amaHlubi, a Bantu tribe in what is...

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Nguni people

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Ntungwa, Hlubi, Xhosa, Mthethwa Paramountcy, Ngidi, Ndwandwe, Zulu, Ngoni, Swati and Ndebele ethnic groups. In Zimbabwe, the Ndebele people live primarily...

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Langalibalele ll

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known as Langalibalele II is the reigning King of the Hlubi people of South Africa. The Hlubi people are still contesting for the official recognition of...

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Bantu peoples of South Africa

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follows: Nguni people(Alphabetical): Hlubi people Southern Ndebele people Swati people Xhosa people Korana people Zulu people Shangana–Tsonga people Sotho–Tswana...

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the Hlubi, a larger kingdom built by Bhungane, in a quest to recover their cattle. Matiwane killed their king, Mthimkhulu c.1818, causing the Hlubi nation...

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Bay of Natal (Durban) where they were taken in by the "Abambo" tribe (Hlubi people), which was led by Chief Langalibalele. The crew became fluent in the...

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Nguni languages

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Africa, Zimbabwe and Kingdom of eSwatini) by the Nguni people. Nguni languages include Xhosa, Hlubi, Zulu, Ndebele, and Swati. The appellation "Nguni" derives...

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Southern Ndebele people

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cultures and people. The Ndebele were just such a people. Chief Ndebele was living with his people in the territory of the Bhaca and Hlubi south of the...

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Xhosa people

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amaBhaca, amaBhele, amaHlubi, amaZizi and Rhadebe. To this day, the descendants of the amaMfengu are part of the Xhosa people and they speak isiXhosa...

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Zulu people

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Zulu people (/ˈzuːluː/; Zulu: amaZulu) are a Nguni ethnic group native to Southern Africa. The Zulu people are the largest ethnic group and nation in...

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Southern Ndebele language

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Ladysmith – Surname Jonono is in the Hlubi tribe Nanasi – He died in Jononoskop near Ladysmith – Surname Nanasi is in the Hlubi tribe Mafana – He died in Randfontein...

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Swazi people

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Mpumalanga province. EmaSwati are part of the Nguni-language speaking peoples whose origins can be traced through archaeology to East Africa where similar...

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of their cattle. This and other victories led to an alliance with the Hlubi people, and an attack on the territory of Moshoeshoe (who would later become...

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List of Indigenous peoples

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Bhaca Hlubi Nhlangwini Sotho–Tswana people Tswana Bobirwa Tswapong Kgalagadi Sotho Northern Sotho East Sotho (Pulana, Khutswe and Pai) Lozi Makua people Makhuwa...

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Bantu peoples

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The Bantu peoples are an ethnolinguistic grouping of approximately 400 distinct native African ethnic groups who speak Bantu languages. The languages...

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Xhosa language

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Zimbabwe. Xhosa is spoken as a first language by approximately 10 million people and as a second language by another 10 million, mostly in South Africa,...

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Sibusiso Hlubi

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Sibusiso Hlubi (born 2 October 1994) is a South African soccer player who last played as a midfielder for South African Premier Division side Sekhukhune...

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Mpondo people

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The Mpondo People or simply Ama-Mpondo, is one of the kingdoms in what is now the Eastern Cape. Having been established way back in 1226. The Ama-Mpondo...

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Ndebele and the various Tekela languages of nations such as ama-Mpondo, Ama-Hlubi and Ama-Zizi. Ama-mpondomise are learning Xhosa at schools and are required...

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List of Xhosa people

Last Update:

Senzeni Marasela Mac Mathunjwa Thembsie Matu Lusanda Mbane Masasa Mbangeni Hlubi Mboya Anele Mdoda Thembisa Mdoda Zenande Mfenyana Maxwell Mlilo Nambitha...

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