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Gambela Region information

Gambela Peoples' Region
ጋምቤላ ሕዝቦች ክልል
Regional state
Flag of Gambela Peoples' Region
Official seal of Gambela Peoples' Region
Map of Ethiopia showing Gambela Region
Map of Ethiopia showing Gambela Region
 • Chief AdministratorUmod Ujulu (Prosperity Party)
 • Total29,782.82 km2 (11,499.21 sq mi)
 • Rank9th
 • Total435,999[2]
 • Rank10th
ISO 3166 codeET-GA
HDI (2019)0.566[3]
medium · 4th of 11

The Gambela Region (also spelled Gambella; Amharic: ጋምቤላ), officially the Gambela Peoples' Region, is a regional state in western Ethiopia, bordering South Sudan. Previously known as Region 12, its capital is Gambela. The Region is situated between the Baro and Akobo Rivers, with its western part including the Baro River or Openo in the local language of the Anyuak or Anywaa people.

Located in Gambela is Gambela National Park, which covers approximately 5,061 square kilometers or 17% of the region's territory.

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