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Estuaire Province information

Flag of Estuaire
Coat of arms of Estuaire
Estuaire Province in Gabon
Estuaire Province in Gabon
Coordinates: 0°23′40″N 9°25′45″E / 0.39444°N 9.42917°E / 0.39444; 9.42917
CountryEstuaire Province Gabon
Largest cityLibreville
 • Total20,740 km2 (8,010 sq mi)
 (2013 census)
 • Total895,689
 • Density43/km2 (110/sq mi)
HDI (2017)0.687[1]

Estuaire is the most populous of Gabon's nine provinces. It covers an area of 20,740 km2. The provincial capital is Akanda, but the largest city is Libreville, Gabon's national capital. The province is named for the Gabon Estuary, which lies at the heart of the province.

Estuaire is at the northwestern corner of Gabon, its western edge as the shores of the Gulf of Guinea. To the north, Estuaire borders the Republic of Equatorial Guinea: the Litoral Province in the northwest, and the Centro Sur Province in the northeast. Domestically, it borders the following provinces:

  • Woleu-Ntem – east
  • Moyen-Ogooué – south-southeast
  • Ogooué-Maritime – southwest
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Estuaire Province

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Gabon's national capital. The province is named for the Gabon Estuary, which lies at the heart of the province. Estuaire is at the northwestern corner...

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divided into forty-nine departments. The departments are listed below, by province (capitals in parentheses): Komo Department (Kango) Komo-Mondah Department...

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Raymond Ndong Sima

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Minister was given to an ethnic Fang from Estuaire Province, while Ndong Sima was from Woleu-Ntem Province in the north—although he was also a Fang. Prior...

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Point Denis is the best known seaside resort in Gabon. It lies on a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gabon Estuary, across which boats sail...

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Gabon. Occupying 65 square kilometres (25 sq mi) in the northwestern province of Estuaire, Libreville is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea...

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population of 34,548 in 2013. It is situated in the Estuaire Province, which is also the capital of province. Akanda National Park List of cities in Gabon "Gabon:...

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Kango is a town in the Estuaire Province of Gabon, Central Africa, lying on the Komo River and the N1 road. It has a station near the Trans-Gabon Railway...

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Note: Libreville (capital of Gabon and Estuaire Province) and Port Gentil (capital of Ogooué-Maritime Province and second-largest city) are grouped and...

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Centro Sur

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is a province of Equatorial Guinea. Its capital is Evinayong. Centro Sur borders Gabon's Estuaire Province in the southwest and Woleu-Ntem Province in the...

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Kommos (Crete), an ancient seaport Komo (department), a department of Estuaire Province in western Gabon Komo, Myanmar, a village in north-eastern Myanmar...

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Ntoum or Nkan is a town in Estuaire Province in northwestern Gabon. It is the capital of the Komo-Mondah Department. Nkan lies along the N1 road and L106...

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Cocobeach Airport

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Cocobeach) (ICAO: FOOC) was an airstrip formerly serving Cocobeach, in Estuaire Province, Gabon. A 2015 satellite image shows that the runway has houses built...

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Gabon Coordinates: 0°59′N 9°34′E / 0.983°N 9.567°E / 0.983; 9.567 Country  Gabon Province Estuaire Department Noya Population  (1993)  • Total 1,200...

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Libreville/Owendo, Estuaire Province Hôpital Coopération Libreville Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Libreville/Owendo, Estuaire Province University Hospital...

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