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Bamileke languages information

EthnicityBamileke people
Grassfields of western Cameroon
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo?
  • Atlantic–Congo
    • Volta-Congo
      • Benue–Congo
        • Bantoid
          • Southern Bantoid
            • Grassfields
              • Eastern Grassfields
                • Mbam-Nkam
                  • Bamileke
  • Eastern Bamileke
  • Western Bamileke
ISO 639-2 / 5bai

The Bamileke languages (Bamileke languages: Bamiléké) are a group of Eastern Grassfields languages spoken by the Bamileke people in the Western High Plateau of Cameroon.

The languages, which might constitute two branches of Eastern Grassfields, are:

  • Western Bamileke: Mengaka (Məgaka), Ngombale, Ngomba (Nguemba or Ngemba)[1][2], the "Bamboutos" dialect cluster of Yɛmba, Ngyɛmbɔɔŋ, Mmuock and Ŋwe
  • Eastern Bamileke: Feʼfeʼ, Ghɔmáláʼ, Kwaʼ, Ndaʼndaʼ, Mədʉmba.
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Bamileke languages

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The Bamileke languages (Bamileke languages: Bamiléké) are a group of Eastern Grassfields languages spoken by the Bamileke people in the Western High Plateau...

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Bamileke people

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The Bamileke languages are Grassfields languages that belong to the Southern Bantoid branch of the Niger-Congo language family. Most Bamiléké historical...

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Ngemba languages

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Cameroon, languages are often referred to by the name of the village or town where they are spoken. For example, Ghomáláʼ is a Bamileke language spoken in...

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Medumba language

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Medumba (Mə̀dʉ̂mbɑ̀, Medumba pronunciation: [mə̀ɟʝʉ̂ᵐbɑ̀]) is a Bamileke language of Cameroon. The people who speak it originate from the Nde division...

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Ngwe language

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Ngwe (Ŋwɛh, Nweh) is a Bamileke language spoken predominantly in Lebialem, Cameroon. As of 2001, Ngwe had 73,200 speakers, which was an increase from...

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Eastern Grassfields languages

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family: Nkambe languages (north) Mbam–Nkam (south) Ngemba languages Bamileke languages Nun languages Nurse (2003) reports that Bamileke might be two branches...

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Ngombale language

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Ngombale, or Ngombale Bamileke, is a Bamileke language of Cameroon. Ngombale at Ethnologue (25th ed., 2022) v t e v t e...

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Yemba language

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Yɛmba or Yemba, also Yémba or Bamiléké Dschang, is a major Bamileke language of Cameroon. It was spoken by 300,000 or so people in the West Region in 1992...

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Bantu Sakata language Balong (Bai), a variety of the Bantu Bafaw-Balong language Bamileke languages (ISO 639 alpha-3, bai), a group of languages spoken in...

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Mengaka language

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Mengaka (Məgaka), or Mengaka Bamileke, is a Bamileke language of Cameroon. It was written in an indigenous script called Bagam. Mengaka at Ethnologue (18th...

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Ngiemboon language

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The Ngiemboon (N'Jhamboon) language, Ngyɛmbɔɔŋ, is one of a dozen Bamileke languages spoken in Cameroon. Its speakers are located primarily within the...

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Medumba phonology

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Proceedings of the International Phonetic Association. Voorhoeve, Jan (1971). "Tonology of the Bamileke Noun". Journal of African Languages. 10: 44–53....

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Ngomba language

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Ngomba, or Nguemba, is a grassfield language of Cameroon. Ngomba or Nguemba in English goes as "I am saying that...." Ngomba or Nguemba at Ethnologue (18th...

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Languages of Cameroon

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Niger–Congo languages. This latter group comprises one Senegambian language (Fulfulde), 28 Adamawa languages, and 142 Benue–Congo languages (130 of which...

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000 inhabitants. Dschang is the capital of the division of Ménoua. The Bamiléké are the predominant ethnic tribe. The documented history of Dschang began...

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Cameroon War

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British embassy assembled in 1964, with 80% of the dead being from the Bamileke Region. General Max Briand, the commander of all French military forces...

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also a coffee processing facility and brewery. It is the main city of the Bamiléké people and is home to the Bafoussam chief's palace. Bafoussam is a group...

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Union Douala

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1990, 2012 Cameroon Cup: (7) (Before independence) 1954 (as Jeunesse Bamiléké) (After independence) 1961, 1969, 1980, 1985, 1997, 2006 African Cup of...

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in French, English and several local languages such as pidgin, Ewondo, Bassa, Mankon, weh and Bamileke languages. She is the founder of Impact Makers...

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