Can Treasure Chests be under Dirt?

Can Treasure Chests be under-Dirt in Minecraft? The answer is yes! Especially if they are buried deep inside a pre-1.13 area. If they are, they will be covered in sand, never in dirt or stone. They are usually centered on a 4×4 column. You’ll have to dig a bit to find them, but it’s more fun than digging.

If you have a large enough world, you can even make your own buried treasure chests! You can do this by turning on the Generate structures option in your world editor. If you’re going to build an underwater structure, you need Conduit, and Heart of the Sea is the only way to get it. This is essential for building under the dirt. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t bury treasure chests in the dirt.

In Spectator Mode, you can see which block faces are exposed. This means that chests buried under dirt won’t be shown up unless they are partially exposed to air or water. Using the X on the map is another way to check for buried treasure. The X is a spot on the map that covers the whole area of the block. The X is a triangle with a tip and middle pointing to a direction.

To find your buried treasure, you should dig around the X on the map. You should not dig under the X because it can lead to a buried treasure. Instead, you should dig around it, not under it. It is important to remember that the chest isn’t buried in dirt, but it is buried in water. You’ll want to place TNT blocks around the X to get the best chance of finding it.

In a typical scenario, a chest will never be buried under ten blocks of dirt. Rather, it will be placed under ten blocks of dirt, which is the X on the map. Unlike other types of structures, however, treasure chests can be buried under the X. If the chest is under a block, it will be visible to you in Spectator mode.

Despite what you may think, buried treasure chests are not under dirt. They are hidden underneath a layer of sand, which means you must dig down a layer of sand or dirt to get at it. The best way to find a buried treasure chest is to place a TNT block on the X. It will make it easy to detect it. This will help you dig more deeply and discover your buried treasure.

As you can see, chests can be under dirt if they are not exposed to sunlight. The X on the map indicates a location where a treasure chest is buried. As a result, a buried treasure chest will be hidden in the dirt. Regardless of the location, it is always under material. The most common type of material for a treasure chest is sand.

In Minecraft, a buried treasure chest can be under dirt. In order to find a buried treasure chest, you must first obtain the Heart of the Sea. This is the only way to get Conduit. The Conduit is a required item for building underwater. If you are digging in the sand, you can place it at a location that’s hidden from sunlight.

If you can’t find the treasure, there’s no reason to worry. A buried treasure chest will be covered by a block of sand or stone, but it will still be surrounded by dirt. Therefore, you should be wary of dirt and rock when searching for a buried treasure. A buried treasure chest is under a block that matches the surrounding area. It will not be covered by the dirt, but a block of ore or rock will cover it up.

To locate a buried treasure, you need to explore a shipwreck or ocean ruins. The chest will have a red cross mark on it. Dig around this mark and you will find a treasure chest buried there. Normally, buried treasure chests are under sand, but sometimes they are under stone and gravel. If you can’t find one under dirt, try searching in sandstone blocks.

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