Can Treasure Chest be under Stone?

You can find a treasure chest in any terrain, including underwater. This makes it a great place for a hideout. You can also dig a cave to look for a treasure chest. However, you may not be able to see the hidden gems if you are trying to build your ark. The best way to find the chest is to dig it out and then look for mechanical parts.

If you are buried, the chest will be covered by a block, most likely stone or sand. However, it may be covered by anything. You can even dig underwater to find a hidden treasure. The chest is usually not uncovered by any material, so you have to do some digging to find it. You can also search the biomes in which the treasure chest is buried and see where it spawns.

If you’re looking for a buried treasure chest, you can go to any beach or underwater biome and look around. Most chests are covered by a block, but you can find one buried underneath a rock. A buried treasure chest is most likely 10 blocks beneath the X, but it can be as shallow as three blocks below. Many users have found buried treasure chests in caves, which are ten blocks below the X.

When digging for a buried treasure chest, be sure to dig through the rock. The chest will be covered by some sort of block, most likely sand or stone. It can be a rock, sand, or any other block. If you can’t find it in the ocean floor, try going into a cave. If you’re looking for a hidden treasure chest, this can be the perfect place for it.

Regardless of the location, treasure chests are most likely to be under some form of block. The most common type is sand or stone, but they can be buried anywhere. A buried treasure chest may be 10 blocks or three to six blocks deep. Often, it is just under the stones of a hill, but it could be as deep as 100 feet. Whether it’s a rock or a stone, the treasure chest will be under some sort of cover.

A treasure chest buried under a rock is covered by some kind of material. It may be sand or stone or it could be a block of any other type. It can be anywhere from a few blocks deep to as much as ten blocks deep. In fact, many users have discovered a treasure chest underneath a rock. So, the answer is yes. Can Treasure Chest be under Stone?

In order to discover a treasure chest under a rock, you must first find a place with high visibility. A treasure chest buried under a rock is covered by some type of block, but the chest can still be uncovered in a cave. During a time of famine, the treasure is stored in a stone. It is possible that a buried treasure chest is under the stone in a mountain.

A treasure chest can be hidden under any block that can be moved or buried. These treasures can be found underwater and can be found in any biome. Often, they are covered by a piece of sand, but can be covered by any block at all. In addition to the sand, they can be covered by a block of stone. If they are covered by a block of stone, they will not be able to be found.

Fortunately, a treasure chest is rarely covered by stone in Minecraft. Normally, the treasure chest is under a rock, but it can also be under stone. Unlike its name, it is almost always covered by some sort of material. In the Catskill Mountains, a stone block can cover a treasure chest. In the crater of Diamonds State Park, the treasure chest is hidden under the Catskill Mountains.

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