Can Treasure Chest be under sandstone?

Can a Treasure Chest be under sandstone or rock? If the treasure chest is buried under the surface of a block, it is usually covered in sand or gravel. However, some blocks may also cover the chest. If the treasure chest is buried beneath stone or rock, then the terrain generation will cover it with diorite or coal. The buried treasure in the Java Edition is always generated at chunk coordinate 9 and faces east.

A buried treasure consists of a single chest. A buried treasure chest will be covered in stone or sand. It may even be under water. The loot that you can find in a buried treasure chest varies from one chest to another. For example, a buried treasure chest may contain gold or silver coins, cooked salmon, or cod, a leather tunic, or iron ware.

A buried treasure is an item that is buried under rock or sandstone. It can be found in a forest or on the beach, or underwater. These chests will be covered in sand, gravel, or any block that suits the terrain. Sometimes, they may also be waterlogged. The chest will contain gold or silver, and it is important to remember that it can be waterlogged.

There is no way to tell for sure, but you can try digging deeper. The map does not show where the treasure chest is buried, but it will give you a general idea. The easiest way to find a buried treasure is to place TNT blocks. This will help you dig faster and more accurately. It is also easy to find a buried treasure, so do not worry about being a “lost” player.

This chest is in the shipwreck. The map has a red X that represents where the treasure chest is located. You can also see a white dot in the middle of the map if the treasure chest is buried under sandstone. The map does not show where the treasure chest is buried. If you dig further, the map will indicate the location of the treasure.

While the map will indicate the exact location of the treasure chest, you can’t be sure. A Treasure Chest will not be buried under ten blocks below the X, but it can be hidden under a stone or sandstone layer. If you’re buried under sandstone or rock, it’s best to place TNT blocks around the area. These blocks will help you dig deeper and faster.

The best way to find the treasure is to dig farther than the X. You must never dig deeper than ten blocks below the X. It is not uncommon for a treasure chest to be under ten blocks of sandstone. In most cases, the treasure chest will be hidden under a layer of sandstone or rock. A map can be helpful in locating buried treasure.

A buried treasure chest is a single chest that’s buried by sandstone or stone. When it’s buried under sandstone, it will be covered in sand, gravel, or sandstone. It can be a stone, sand, or even diorite. But no matter the terrain, a buried treasure chest is always under waterlogged.

A chest can only be under ten blocks below the X, but it will be buried below ten blocks of sandstone. If you dig deeper than this, it will take more time to reach the treasure. The more time you spend digging, the more you will be able to find the treasure you’ve been searching for. If you’re buried under sandstone, the sandstone will be your enemy. If the sandstone is buried below the X, then you’ll be killed while you’re searching.

Generally, a treasure chest can be found under sandstone. If you want to dig for the treasure, you need to get into the water first. When diving for the treasure, you should be aware of your oxygen level. If the sandstone is buried under water, use a Potion of Water Breathing. If the sandstone has been buried under sandstone, then you should remove the send blocks that cover the chest.

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