Can Elon Musk Code?

When it comes to programming, can Elon Musk code? That’s a question that people in the tech industry are constantly asking, as he is the founder of several multibillion-dollar companies, including Tesla and the Boring Company. If Musk can code, so can you! After all, he has created some of the world’s most innovative technology! And he’s self-taught! But how well does he program?

Musk’s passion for computer programming began early. After graduating from Stanford in 1989, he worked at two summer internships and tried to land a position at Netscape. Despite the difficult conditions, he persevered, and eventually founded Zip2. The site was a cross between Yelp and Google Maps and encouraged small businesses to register on online directories. After a year at Zip2, Musk sold the company to Compaq for $307 million, which allowed him to invest in his next venture, PayPal.

While many entrepreneurs would prefer to reason by analogy, Musk’s approach to thinking is different. He works from the atomic level and scales his solution up from there. For example, he solved the world’s problem of transition to sustainable energy by using first principles thinking when it came to the battery costs of Tesla cars. Once he applied that approach to battery costing, he applied it to scale-up his idea.

While Musk doesn’t code anymore, he could easily become an expert programmer – his memory, motivation and courage are some of his strongest qualities. If he has the passion to learn and develop, he could easily become a genius in the tech industry. And the results would be astonishing! And if Musk wants to be a billionaire, this is an easy way to become the next Steve Jobs! If you ask Elon Musk to code, he’s sure to amaze you!

Aside from making high-end gadgets, Musk can code, too. His first game, Blastar, was created when he was 12 years old, and sold to a computer magazine for $500. The magazine later published the source code, which Musk described as a trivial game, but still better than Flappy Bird. Elon Musk went on to intern at the Pinnacle Research Institute, where he worked on electrolytic ultracapacitors. Later, he also worked at Rocket Science Games, which gave him his first taste of Silicon Valley.

It is estimated that Musk has an IQ of 150-155. In comparison, Stephen Hawking and Einstein both had IQs of 160. Musk is an entrepreneur and a self-learner, so learning coding is no different. In fact, Musk learned to code on a Commodore VIC-20 at the age of 10, and sold a BASIC video game he’d written for $500. Interestingly, his GPA hasn’t been publicly revealed, but he must have had an impressive GPA of 3.9 or higher to be accepted at the University of Pennsylvania.

While Elon Musk can’t write in C++ or Java, he is an expert in various languages, including python. He first used python to create his autopilot, but then switched to C++ to improve its time cycle. During his early teen years, Musk was reading books and playing video games while working on his rockets. He’s now a successful entrepreneur with a diverse range of products.

As a young man, Elon Musk developed his coding skills on the Commodore VIC-20. He sold his BASIC video game, Blastar, for $500, and didn’t realize he’d taught himself! He later sold the game source code to a computer magazine for $500. And the rest is history! Is Elon Musk a Coder? And Can He Create the Future? Once we know, we can all be enlightened and become more like Elon Musk.

While Elon Musk is a brilliant entrepreneur, he’s also a very fierce leader. He once had to make an extremely difficult decision to choose between his company’s survival and its future. The CEO was forced out of the company, but Elon Musk returned as CEO and saved the day. As a result, Tesla’s stock went through the roof! This proves that he can be an excellent leader!

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