Wu Dao – Super AI

Welcome to the third part of my Wu Dao review! In this part I will discuss some aspects of this well marketed and now live venture by Deep Mind Technologies. The original press release described Wu Dao as an Artificial Intelligence project by two MIT graduates, LeCun Shue and Michael J. Cafarella.

The CEO of Deep Mind Technologies, Max Kiyosaki added that this new artificial intelligence system would “teach a computer to think”. This article will focus on some aspects of the project and whether or not it has the potential to be used in business.

Wu Dao - Super AI
Wu Dao – Super AI

Will Wu Dao actually teach a computer to think? Many experts have weighed in with their opinion that Wu Dao is merely an innovative way to use computer technology to aid human decision making. Still, others believe that such a system could have real benefits for those who are unable to speak, read, write, and operate a computer. Will Wu Dao make you an artificial intelligence superhero? If so, what will your powers be?

The concept of artificially intelligent machines that can solve problems is not new. In fact, the field of AI was itself born out of artificial intelligence. However, what makes Wu Dao different is that it combines the best elements of human intelligence with advanced machine intelligence. Will the super-intelligence in your brain be a supercomputer or will it just be a regular human? In either case, will your brain be able to function like a real person?

To answer this question we first need to step back and examine how exactly artificial intelligence works. When an artificial intelligence system is trained it performs according to some pre-established parameters. These parameters then become the basis on which the system gives its estimates, predictions, and actions.

However, the very same things are happening with your brain! There are many things happening both inside of your brain and your body. As humans, we process thought much the same way that an artificial intelligence system does. We all have thoughts, both unconscious and conscious. As well as having these thoughts, we also use language to both process and organise these thoughts, and to communicate them to others.

This is how an artificial intelligence system becomes “aware” of the contents of your brain and the way you think. With this knowledge the system can then create and train future autonomous programs to be just like you. It is like having a super-intelligent computer that knows everything about you and your behaviour, both conscious and unconscious. The same will be happening when your mind is trained to think like a human. Your body will become your new thinking device and your brain and artificial mind will work in harmony. This is why Wu Dao gives humans the chance to step up their intellectual performance.

Wu Dao is a software tool that uses the RCP (Reduce, Control, Constrain) method of Artificial Intelligence. It is a type of deep learning technology. Deep learning basically means to feed data into an artificial neural network (a network of computers), which is trained on the data it is fed. The function of the artificial mind is to then use this knowledge to make decisions based on the training. Humans are great in choosing and managing resources, but our natural short memory and response time limits make our decision-making process slower than what artificially intelligent software could ever achieve.

Wu Dao is the future of technology, and it’s coming soon. This technology will enable artificial minds to replace many current types of human employees. The more useful the artificially intelligent software becomes, the more useful human employees in the future will become.

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