Why does OpenAI use Mujoco?

The open-source framework MuJoCo is used for machine learning and model-based computations. MuJoCo is a Python framework that scales up the performance of computationally intensive techniques such as physically consistent state estimation and system identification.

It can also be used for parallel sampling in machine learning applications. Originally designed to be used with robotics and kinematics, MuJoCo is also used for other traditional machine learning applications.

OpenAI uses MuJoCo as a physics simulator for its robogym, a software platform that offers simulated environments and an end-to-end suite of reinforcement learning tasks.

It provides a customizable environment where researchers can change parameters, teleoperate, and manage robot interaction. OpenAI aims to make the entire process of machine learning easier and faster. By combining open-source tools with MuJoCo, OpenAI is achieving incredible results.

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