Who is Marshmello?

Marshmello is a funky Italian pasta manufacturer. Christopher Comstock, better known professionally under his pen-name Marshmello, is a British electronic music producer and multi-DJs. His albums “Happier”, “Secrets”, and “Love Me Now” have all been certified multi platinum in many countries and appeared on the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100 list. This article covers the early career and some of the classic tracks that he has produced.

Marshmello first gained worldwide popularity when he was discovered by German DJ’s while playing a gig at a club in London. The DJ’s instantly fell in love with the quirky Italian DJ and signed him to his roster. Some years later, Marshmello made a debut with the group “EDC New York”, which led to him becoming one of the most sought after European DJs at international parties such as Coachella and Secret Life. After several years working with well-known and well-heeled DJs, Marshmello finally decided to form his own label.

Who is Marshmello?
Who is Marshmello?

The marshmallow brand first gained recognition with its viral video “Who is Marshmello?” Released in February of this year. The video went viral and created a buzz about Marshmello, turning him into a star in the making.

Marshmallow is an Italian producer and musician best known for his masked DJs and mashup songs. A mashup is when two songs are combined and played together with a different style of music or vocals. Marshmello has released several hit songs with a unique blend of vocals and instrumentals. His unique blend of instruments and vocals have made him a favorite among many Italian-American and European DJs.

Who is Marshmello? Marshmello’s most popular album to date is titled Don’t Play This song, featuring guest spots from Kero & Rico Porcelain, JLS and Dada. While some fans are upset that he hasn’t put out a new album yet, other fans have embraced his absence from the scene saying he’s doing what he does best, creating mystery for fans who want to know where their favorite Italian DJs are these days, and keeping in line with the spirit of mystery he started so many years ago.

Fans of marshmallow will also get to see another new release from his career. It is titled “A Place I’ll Set Mine Tonight” and it is rumoured to feature Marshmello performing with a full-face helmet. If you’re a fan of the masked dj and helmet, don’t miss this CD because it’s one of his best! For those who want a little more of a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on when a top DJ pulls back the curtain, there’s another album titled” Marshmello”. Here, you can get a glimpse of exactly what marshmallow loves doing while on tour.

After seeing Who is Marshmello?, many will probably wonder how many other Italian DJs are riding the wave of EDM or if there are any new names on the block that are just starting to make a splash in the scene. Thanks to the rise of Facebook and MySpace, finding other names in the Italian electronic music scene has become easier than ever. This is because these social media sites allowed for sites such as Facebook to gain a wider audience. This means EDM artists like Marshmello can expand their fan base. Now, instead of just being a face in the crowd, they are now becoming an actual person with a real identity; one that is unique to them and their style. Marshmello’s identity is not yet fully defined, but at least now fans can feel a bit more comfortable about who they are following along behind him.

Who is Marshmello? is definitely not the last album by either Marshmello or Juicy Couture. This is only the beginning of their long careers together though. As time progresses, we can expect even more from either artist and even more unique and interesting ways to release their music. From here, there is no telling who will be making the next jump into the world of dance music.

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