Who is Doraemon?

Who is Doraemon? There are so many of you that knows about Doraemon. But are you the only fan of Doraemon? Lets see and prove to you that you can earn a good score!

Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon show about a young girl who will travel through different cities and solve cases with her favorite pet, a dragon. The series was remade as an online game and released in July of 2021. The game received a lot of popularity due to its realistic graphics, which were better compared to the others. People loved the adventures that Doraemon had because it tackles different challenges while going on quests and solving cases.

Who is Doraemon?
Who is Doraemon?

Who is Doraemon is not an anime or a special movie of Doraemon, but rather it is a game. If you have not known Doraemon, this is actually a robot named Doraemon who travels the virtual world using her cool powers. This is the life of a Japanese manga artist, Tsubasa Minamitsu. This is the story of Doraemon who uses her cool powers to help her friends and meet the enemy. In the 22nd century, the G-suit was invented to protect people from the scorching heat and poisonous gasses produced by the various pollution in the city.

The cool and amazing role of Doraemon was created based on a Japanese story of a young girl called Himeka, who was also a huge fan of Doraemon. Since she was not able to meet Doraemon in real life, she made a game for her friends to play under the premise that Doraemon was supposed to be real. The basic concept of the game was to create a new adventure in which people could live under the same setting as Doraemon while battling the enemies and each other.

The story of Doraemon started when Minamitsu, who was in college, began working on a project to make a Japanese version of Doraemon using the “age-old” name Doraemon. She searched the Internet for the name daemon and happened upon a few interesting websites that allowed her to make changes to the original work. After making several changes to the original work, she posted her project to the site Let’s Go Digging and immediately had a lot of people interested in her idea.

Was loosely based on the popular Japanese animated cartoon called Doraemon, which used a new setting. While the main character of Doraemon was the earthbound robot called Dora, she had a friend named Kupu. They spent their days exploring the jungle, going treasure searching and solving other quests. The popularity of Who is Doraemon! resulted in the release of an American version of Doraemon, titled Doraemon: New Vistoria.

Follows the adventures of Doraemon as she joins forces with her new friend, Sewashi, and goes on various quests to find friends and enemies. The main character and protagonist of the show, Doraemon, are a robot who lives in the city named Makai. She is an avid user of the internet and uses her laptop computer to access the online community of the online games she plays.

Sewashi is another mystery character, who wears a green duster. The two main characters are friends, but they have a rivalry over the online game being played by them: they both want to be the world’s strongest player. Doraemon! Was first aired in Japan in the year 2021, and was extremely popular, drawing many fans.

Is currently streaming on several websites in various countries. It can also be viewed on CCTV Japan and other channels. The January twenty-first episode was previewed during the Japan Anime Week event on the 2nd January.

The anime series was created by Takao Aoki, who is best known for his work on the computer game Doraemon. Prior to creating Doraemon, Aoki also worked on the popular card game, Solitaire. Aoki also wrote the story for the animated series. The noitaminA anime series is well received by both fans and critics, with many writers predicting an immense popularity in the future. Even the producers of the anime series predict that the sales of Doraemon merchandise will continue to rise, causing a significant increase in salary for the creators. Many dedicated fans have created collections of illustrations and wallpapers featuring Doraemon, resulting in a large number of publications.

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