Where Komodo Dragons live?

Where does a Komodo Dragon live? That’s the first question most newbie riders ask, as it is one of the most important questions to know when you are planning to ride in a dragon suit. The reason why is because they (as with any creature that can remotely be controlled) are best seen and found on the ground, out in the open.

This is how a Komodo Dragon really should be found. It’s more fulfilling to see a dragon up close while riding one rather than looking through binoculars from some distance away.

Where Komodo Dragons live?
Where Komodo Dragons live?

There are several different places where you can find the largest populations of these dragons. One of the places in particular has always been the Northern part of Thailand. However, as of recently there has been a shift south. This shift has led to an increased demand for the dragon’s services among Thai residents. This means that the average price of a dragon in this region has gone up quite a bit.

Northern Thailand is also home to the second largest concentration of wild dragons in the world. Some areas have as many as 15 wild dragons in a given area. That is more than half of all the wild dragons alive in the entire world! If you live in an area like this you better start packing your bags if you want to ride a dragon.

There are other areas around Thailand that have fewer dragons but that does not mean that there aren’t any. In fact, in rural areas, where the number of people and the number of wild dragon species are much lower, the dragon population is actually very stable. This is what I call “habitat independence.”

These habits are also evident in urban areas, like Bangkok. Many tourists who travel to this part of the world have been shocked at how few dragons they see in these areas. Of course, this is also true of the wildest areas, like those in the Andes Mountains. The dragon, being a nocturnal creature, would not have a chance of surviving in an urban area where most humans are active throughout the day.

That leads me to the question: Where komodo dragons live? The answer is: They all live in the mountains. All across Thailand there are mountainsides with trees where the dragon can hide out in the night. The presence of forested mountains means that predators like hyenas, mangerel, and crocodiles are not likely to be a problem for the dragon.

Once you have found a dragon landscape in the area where you are trying to protect livestock or get close to the wild dragon population, it is a good idea to have as many experts on your side as you can afford. You can find an expert who lives in the area to tour your area, one who can help with your local government in permitting dragon tourism, and one who can act as your guide and keep you informed about the dragon’s behavior. These specialists will also be able to help you find the best spots for dragon displays and to ensure that the area is properly protected so that the dragon does not have to suffer.

Even if you plan to travel to Thailand to see where komodo dragons live, you might want to think again about going to the Far East. Instead, focus your travel efforts on other countries in the world. You may even find that traveling to other parts of the globe will help you broaden your horizons and give you a chance to see things you would never have thought to see.

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