Where King Von from?

“Where King Von from?” Is a question that pops up repeatedly in rap music. It’s a common enough question that the artist who created it, is asked all the time and so is he. His identity is that of a masked maniac who threaten with violence and havoc in his lyrics and videos, but his real name is Lawrence David Thoreau.

In fact, many of his songs are about his own mental condition, the state of being a man who is misunderstood in the world. The music may be entertaining, but it’s far from being intelligent or even deep in content. At most times, he seems to be saying what he’s got to say without meaning to, but the listener can’t help but be drawn into it as he rattles on about how “this is what I’m made of” and sometimes how he just can’t get a break.

Where King Von from?
Where King Von from?

Some people like his rapping and they are quick to tell you that he’s a master at what he does, but they aren’t always willing to accept that his music is sometimes just trash talk with lyrics like “sticks and stones may break my bones, but I’m not scared to die”. Still others will agree that his music is fine, if not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but then again, other people won’t think much of him either way. It’s a simple divide and conquer method – whoever tells you what is good will always be deemed a loser, no matter how often you hear them say it.

There was a time when King Douglas was one of the biggest names in hip hop, but then he fizzled out. Some say he got too caught up in the whole fame thing and didn’t have time for the “dubs” that were popping up all over the place. Others think he just went back to his day job. When his career came to an end, people were quick to write him off as another failed artist, which is true. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have made some headway back into the music scene, or even into acting if that was what he really wanted.

So where does King Douglas from? One of his first gigs was doing guest spots on Jay Z’s “Etherstone” and it turned out to be a huge hit. It was so popular that several other artists signed to the song. But then King Douglas never really went on to achieve the same level of stardom the others had.

That all changed when he got his own solo album called “Xxplosive” and it was absolutely incredible. He took people by surprise with his seamless blend of rap and hip hop, rapping about things people probably didn’t think about when they first heard him. The album was a huge success and people began to question, where is king Douglas from? The internet has been providing a wealth of answers for people looking for answers like this, but how do you go about sifting through all those sites and figure out the real answers?

In the past, it wasn’t easy to get the answers you were looking for. You had to go through endless pages of search results and question after question and still not really know where king Douglas from. Now, however, it’s easy. There are forums and message boards dedicated solely to people who want to find out the truth. People are happy to share their knowledge and often, new questions are answered right away.

So what questions might you like to ask yourself about King Douglas? Maybe you’d like to know what the gap was between him and other rappers who came before him. Or maybe you’d like to know exactly where he grew up and how his life changed for the worse when his mom was killed by a drunk driver. If you have an extra few minutes, it’s worth visiting one of the online message boards dedicated to discussing people’s lives, questions and memories and maybe, just maybe, you just might get the answer you’re looking for where King Douglas from.

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