Where is Xur?

Where is Xur? Since May 7th, action, you will discover Xur at the Tower, on the east side of theinent map. He will hang around in that very spot until reset on May 10, so be sure to head over to that spot to get your new weekly Exotic engraving, pick up a new armor piece with (hopefully) better stats, and pick up an Exotic cipher if you are still looking to finish up the story on the Warlock class. If you did not already know, the Warlock is one of the three starting classes for the new raid, The Dark Crusade.

One of my favorite and most effective strategies for leveling in The Dark Crusade is the one exotic engram strategy that will benefit you in nearly every way. It does not matter if you are playing the Warlock or any of the other four classes, leveling in The Dark Crusade is going to involve going to the Tower and picking up an Exotic. When you get there, however, you have a few different paths you can take. Two of those paths are the same as the two quests located on the top portion of the Tower, but I suggest you do not spend your time doing those. That way you won’t be wasting any time or get frustrated while trying to complete them.

Where is Xur?
Where is Xur?

For example, let’s say that you decided to go on a different path to the east. Instead of heading straight east, you might want to head west and hope that you see an Exotic called Xur that the guards aren’t guarding. Xur is a rare Exotic located in the Tomb of Oryx. It can only be accessed during the Wrath of the Lich King patch, so don’t plan on spending any time trying to find it before the patch arrives. In addition to that, if you get the Exotic while on this new quest path, you will gain the benefit of unlocking the powerful Sunwell, which is located in Western Wintergrasp.

This time around we will skip all the quests in the east and move directly to the fun stuff. The first thing you will notice as you begin exploring Xur is that there are several vases and barrels in his Tomb. Each one contains a rare or special item. Look for the pots on the ground in each area. Inside each of them are two items: The Titan Exotic named Xur and the rare Vial of Living Water.

You will also notice there are several towers in and around the Tomb of Oryx. One of those towers, the Tower of Eternity, is the highest point in town and has a very high respawn rate. The other towers include the Tower of Agony, the Tower of the Magmatic Rift, and the Tower of the Sunchine Winds. If you’re looking for an easy way to find out, these are your best options.

Speaking of loot, we’ll cover one final spot that will help you get much-needed legendary shards at low level but that won’t leave you empty handed. In the southwestern corner of the city you will find the last warehouse you visited. It contains the final stash of rare items including the epic Skyreave Legguards. For the price of just seven gold pieces (which is a little over one-third the cost of the rare items in the auction house) you can obtain all three Skyreave Legguards. The same goes for the other rare items in the warehouse, namely the Heartblossoms, the Eternal Guard, and the Eparchy’s Guard.

If you are having trouble earning enough gold from the auction house to support yourself and your class, consider trying the auction house using the xur tactic. If you’ve ever played any World of Warcraft online games, then you know that rare items and legendary shards are very valuable things to have in your inventory. Just make sure that you are going after the right ones. There are many good places to farm exotic items and they are all on Azeroth.

One of the great things about playing on Azeroth is that there is no real down time. You do not run into any annoying mobs or hangars that constantly kill you, which makes leveling faster than it would be otherwise. The only down time that we experienced on Azeroth was when a mob with the Defias wind talent targeted us. That was about as bad as it got, so I don’t know if it’s a bug or if the quest needed to be completed more than once, but it sure was a lot of fun.

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