Where is Area 51?

The internet is abuzz with the subject of military and secret U.S. military hangars located around the world. But what exactly is Area 51? Is it a military space launch facility? And what is its purpose?

The name Area 51 is related to a real geographical landmark, while the actual physical location that corresponds to that location is Groom Lake, near Las Vegas. The lake is situated in the foothills of the Nevada Desert, about six miles east of Las Vegas. One of those high altitude mountains, Tikaboo Mountain, about 26 miles out of Area 51, also lies above the lake.

Where is Area 51?
Where is Area 51?

In addition to being the name of a real town, Groom Lake is also the name of an actual location in the United States where the U.S. military has long kept secret military base operations. That location was revealed in the 1980s by investigative reporters from television networks. The reporters traced the alleged presence of aliens on the planet Groom Lake to a secret U.S. military base called Area 51. The base, the report continued, housed several flying objects that were unidentified. All of this came about when one of those unidentified flying objects crashed into a nearby area of Area 51.

There are many theories as to how the crash took place. Most believe it was a missile test launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base at Cape Canaveral, someplace in California. Others believe it was an alien probe that crashed into Area 51. Some people claim that there is a “ritual” that must be followed to keep the secret about what the U.S. military is doing in that region of the Nevada Desert – and that involves protecting the air base from any alien intrusion along what is referred to as the Highway 41 corridor.

Still others believe that the U.S. military has been carrying out secret experiments using secret projects like the Area 51 project and what is referred to as the Grassy Mountain Biological Park. The latter is said to be a top-secret government experiment to discover what the purpose is for the existence of bacteria in space. Other conspiracy theories include the idea that there are human Aliens hybrids living among us, or that the U.S. government has been covering up what really happens in Area 51. There are many other conspiracy theories about the crash of Venus, the origin of life on earth and even the truth about ghosts and other entities residing on and near Groom Lake. It is very important to note, however, that the Groom Lake crash is virtually unproven whether or not there was actually a giant space craft involved.

If you happen to be wondering what is located at this particular location, you are probably wondering exactly what this town means. Well the answer lies in a curious little town named Groom Lake, which lies right in Nevada just northwest of Las Vegas. Groom Lake, itself, is actually a ghost town that once was home to over a hundred businesses before it was finally shut down in the late 1940s. Now, its only remaining structure is the old police station that once stood here. While no one knows when the town will be undergoing a resurgence of business or other forms of tourism, rest assured that it will be soon.

While the question of what is located at Groom Lake is indeed valid, the real question of what is going on at Area 51 also holds some degree of significance. There is the unexplained phenomenon of what appears to be human beings walking around the perimeter of this military base, although no one is ever able to find out how they got there or how they are moving. There have been reports of strange lights that appear in the sky above the area as well as strange noises and craft traveling across the base. There has also been accounts of strange beings and animals that show up at night. Some people have even reported seeing them on the television shows that are produced here at Area 51.

So, we have established that there is a connection between the Groom Lake area and the famous Highway 50 highway that runs through central Las Vegas. We also know that there is an underground facility there that contains many anomalies that are being studied by various government agencies. Perhaps this is why the U.S. government has placed a top security clearance on all information related to the Base.

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