Where did My Google News Feed go?

First of all, you must check your home settings to make sure the display of Google app is enabled. If not, you can select Not interested. If the problem persists, you can follow the below-given methods to solve it. If you’re using Android, tap on the menu on the left side of the home screen to open the settings. You’ll be able to see the news feed, but you might not have the option to swipe right.

Another possible solution is to clear your data and cache. This will remove all information from your app. Resetting your device will also clear the data from your device. Refreshing your feed will return it to its previous state. If this does not work, you should try clearing data and cache. Then, you can re-enter your Google account information. This will restore your original feed. You’ll be able to read your news again with the same settings as before.

The next thing to try is to reinstall the Google News app. If you have the Android version, you can simply download the latest version of the app. The newer versions will be faster and easier to use. Once you’ve finished, you can open the app and enter the information again. If it doesn’t work, try restarting your device. This will clear the cache and allow you to read the news again.

If you’ve had this problem before, there are several solutions. First of all, you should change your location settings. Google News relies on your current location when suggesting news. If you’re using Google’s mobile service, it can use the location of your home location to show you news about that area of the world. To reset your location, you should try changing the IP address and your account details.

The last thing you should do is to restart the app. It will delete all of the information from your Google account and will no longer display your news. However, you can also reboot your device and then install the latest version of Google News. The latest version will improve your device’s performance. It will also eliminate the cache, which means your news will not appear properly. If you want to get your feedback, you should reinstall the app and log into your account again. You should now have it back in the app.

Another possible solution is to reset your location. Changing your location settings will keep your Google News feed from being displayed. You can also reset your IP address. You should check the settings of your device to be sure that your device is configured correctly. You should also try unfollowing publications that you’re not interested in. Resetting your location settings will allow you to get your news back. If you’ve tried the last step and still can’t get your news feed back, you can try these other options.

If you’re using Android, you should enable Google News. You should open the app and swipe up and down to access the content. Once you’ve selected a topic, you can select a language and region and click on the “Add to Homescreen” button to add it. This will enable the search engine to fetch your news feed. Then, click the ‘Save” button and confirm the setting change.

If you’ve disabled Google News in your home screen, you can try to reinstall the app. It’s important to note that reinstalling the app won’t delete any of your data or information on your device. It’s a good idea to reboot your device so that it’s running in the best possible state. You can then follow the stories you find interesting on the web.

In some cases, the problem might be a problem with your home location. Try changing your home location in Google News. If you’re using a desktop, Google uses your IP address to determine your location. If the news feed is in your home, you may need to change your IP address in the settings. After you do this, you’ll have to reinstall the app in order to view your home page.

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