When was VEX Robotics Founded?

When was VEX Robotics founded? There’s some debate about this question, but the answer is simple: in 1980, two electrical engineers, Tony Norman and Bob Mimlitch, set out to develop a robotics kit that would appeal to students and adults alike. They had already been mentors in FIRST Robotics, where they worked on improving the kits. After learning from FIRST, they created their own company, VEX Robotics.

In addition to providing kits for robotics competitions, VEX is also committed to educating children about STEM education. The competition puts classroom STEM concepts to the test and provides lifelong skills that will benefit the student’s future. Among these skills is problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration. These are the core elements of the competition. The competition itself is designed to encourage critical thinking and to inspire young minds to think creatively about how to solve real-world problems.

In addition to the V5 name, VEX Robotics has a long history. Its first robot, called the V5, was released to the public in 1980. Then, the company released another robot, the VEX IQ Challenge Ringmaster, in April 2018. Then came the VEX IQ Challenge Crossover and Bank Shot, and the Highrise. All these robots are available for purchase online.

VEX robots are popular among children because they are easy to control, and they do not require coding skills. The VEX GO Kit includes four types of gears: Red Gear, Green Gear, and Pink Gear. The robot’s motors are capable of spinning eight teeth while three of them have 24 teeth. The robot can also be controlled using ROBOTC’s real-time debugger, which lets users monitor motors, sensors, and encoders in real time.

The VEX Robotics World Championships will be held in Dallas, Texas in 2022. The team from Galveston, Texas has already won the world championship. The news was covered in the Midland Reporter-Telegram and TechRepublic. The Foundation for Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation announced the cancellation of the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship, but did announce a new event in April, the VEX Virtual World Celebration.

Two Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Tony Norman and Bob Mimlitch, had the same vision. They had met while mentoring a high school robotics team. They shared the same ideas about problem-solving and the power of breaking conventions. They founded a company together, which is now a global organization with over a thousand locations. The two men have a passion for robotics and STEM mentorship.

VEX is a branch of FIRST and a huge international robotics program. It is a similar program to FIRST’s FTC and FRC programs and takes place during FIRST’s world championship week. It’s important to note that VEX robotics programs are not for elementary students, but for high school robotics enthusiasts. So, what’s the difference between the two? The answer is simple: VEX was founded in the early 1990s by two engineers.

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