What is WiFi?

WiFi is what transfers data from your computer to a router in your house. Your WiFi signal is actually transmitting information from your computer to other computers, smart phones, tablets, laptops and television. However, WiFi is known to be dangerous, as without internet in house your WiFi connection will not do much. This may be because of a variety of reasons, ranging from security risks to people who could be watching your traffic.

The fundamental technology which is making WiFi work is the wireless connection between the computer and the router. Once the connection is made, all you need to do is to make sure that your router or modem can accept the data from the various sources. If it can’t, the whole system will fail, as all your internet services would come to a standstill. WiFi gets its name from the frequency that these signals emit.

What is WiFi?
What is WiFi?

Basically there are two kinds of WiFi systems: wired and wireless. A wireless system uses radio waves to transmit data. In the case of wired systems, radio signals are used. They transmit data wirelessly instead of through traditional means. While some older routers have built-in radios, modern devices can use Bluetooth or WiMax technology to transmit data wirelessly.

WiFi devices use radio waves to transmit data. These waves consist of three frequency bands. They are the e band, a band and his bands. This kind of service is widely used in many of the public areas around the world like malls, airports, railway stations and other public facilities. However, in houses and some private areas, WiFi is available with only one band.

WiFi can be found in all kinds of devices today. Some of them include, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, digital television sets, video game consoles, portable media players, refrigerators and other household appliances, access point, routers and all in all there are thousands of such devices that use this form of internet access. Almost every one of these has a built-in Wireless-N technology. For those that do not have it, they need to purchase an external device that supports wireless networking.

WiFi is very beneficial for people who want to connect to the internet without the hassle of wires. Without wires, it is possible to place almost anywhere and connect to the internet. But the thing with WiFi is that it can only be accessed wirelessly. So, if you want to access the internet wirelessly you will need a WiFi transceiver or adapter. WiFi transceivers are also known as wireless adapters.

One of the most common ways to get a WiFi signal is to put in a wireless access point or WiFi router into the computer’s main optical port. These are known as adapters and they usually plug in into the computer’s USB port. Then you can attach your laptop, mobile phone or whatever else to the computer with a USB wireless adapter. This is the most common way to get a WiFi signal to a house, apartments or condo.

For those of us living in cities or in more rural areas then the best way to go is to build a wired internet connection from scratch. This is what is known as a WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network. This is the best way to go as the signals are stronger and the range is longer and hence more reliable. WLANs are usually located in homes and even in work places. For those of us living in the sticks (the suburbs) a WLAN is not an option but a necessity. With a WLAN you can establish a wireless connection anywhere in the city or the suburbs.

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