What is Today?

What is Now? How many times have you heard this phrase before, but you don’t know exactly what it means or how to use it. Well, it is an answer to your question, “what is today?”. Read on to find out what this phrase means and how you can use it in your daily life.

Today is the day we live in. It is a day where we take action and make things happen. It is a day where the ‘action’ is taken and ‘concrete results’ are seen. The same thing goes for our life: today is the day that you wake up, you brush your teeth, you eat breakfast and you go to work.

What is Today?
What is Today?

In our world today, everything is moving faster: from your clothes to your car to your job. There is no time left to sit back and enjoy what is happening around you. So, when you say ‘today is the day’, you are trying to tell yourself to take action today and you will see results tomorrow.

But why do people say, ‘Today is the day’? Is it because it gives an instant deadline? Because it requires less effort than thinking about what is today? Or, perhaps, it is simply because it is what people used to say, when they wanted something to be done: today is the day? And so it is used to motivate a person to take action.

So, how should one use today’s words? I would suggest that you start by using today’s words to describe your goals. Write them down on paper (your planner, your cell phone, even your planner you have at home). Then, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do, or when you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing and you haven’t done enough, write down what you’ve accomplished nothing. That way, you will be motivated to do more.

Next, tell yourself what today’s date is. It could be a special occasion, or it might just be a date you’ve set for yourself or with someone else. If you want something to happen, write it down and follow through. Don’t allow yourself to be derailed by what other people think of today. If it feels good to you, then it will feel good to others too.

One way you can apply this to your life is to ask yourself what is today’s date of the birth of something important to you. What does this date symbolize for you? If it is a new job, then use it as a reminder of where you came from. If it is a promotion, then use it as a motivation to move forward and do more. Whatever it is, just write it down so you remember it.

So, when you are faced with challenges and obstacles in your personal and professional life, don’t just brush them aside. Instead, think about what is today’s date of when you were born. When you look at your accomplishments, and how much you have learned and changed, and how much more you want to achieve, then think about what is today. Then you can inspire yourself to get out there and do more.

Some people feel like the greatest challenge they ever face in their lives is that they are not happy. It is not the end of the world; rather it is a lesson in humility. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, and each person has to find what works for them. Sometimes that involves finding other people who have been where you are today, and talking to them, sharing what is going on in their lives. Sometimes it means writing to those people whom you know have had similar experiences to what you have.

The world’s outlook today has changed drastically. Today there are more peace, love and happiness than there ever was before in history. There are more marriages, and children being born, and most importantly, there is more giving. You can give back to the world through volunteering in different ways; from helping to build houses for the Habitat for Humanity organization to teaching reading to underprivileged children through Teen Challenge, you can inspire many people with your actions.

Life is filled with challenges, and that is what inspires others to be who they are. There is no way to avoid tough times, but if you can figure out how to deal with them in a way that inspires others, then you will have truly lived a full life. You don’t need to know what is today; just live life! You deserve it, and so does the world. Start living now, and you will see what inspiration really can do.

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