What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan? This question may arise in the mind of many, especially those who are very religious and do not get easily bored. The month is a period of great joy, spirituality, comfort, education and charity. The month is considered to be one of the most important religious festivals in the world.

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is pronounced as Armani, RAMADAN or RAMADH meaning “God Restraining/dalipration”. Ramadan is a series of Islamic religious observances that Muslims all over the globe observe, starting from the dawn till the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It is a time when they get together with their family members, neighbors and loved ones for a family meal before breaking fast at sundown. They break their fast with a large feast and share a cup of water. Muslims around the world to observe this festival of Ramadan every year, except in the Muslim regions of Africa, Asia and some parts of South and Central America.

What is Ramadan?
What is Ramadan?

Where is Ramadan in the Islamic lunar calendar? It is celebrated on the Islamic lunar calendar, which is a lunar calendar based on the moon cycles that occurs closest to the Islamic Calendar each year. The first part of the Islamic lunar calendar is celebrated with the New Moon and lasts for 28 days. The second half of the month is celebrated with the Crescent Moon, which is around the time of the new moon.

The name itself defines what it is; Ramadan is a religious festival of breaking away from the daily routine of fasting. In this regard, the entire month is filled with great spirituality and education. People are encouraged to fast from dawn till sunset in order to boost their spirituality and charity. During the fasting period, people are enjoined to read the Koran and listen to lectures on the noble Arabic language.

How long is Ramadan? Ramadan lasts for forty days depending on the lunar cycle. There are several lunar dates which are used all over the globe except for Asia which uses the crescent moon. Pakistan’s lunar calendar is called AEDU and the Indian one are Akshma. Egypt is El-Shaab. Malaysia is Langkawi while India’s is Makhti-un-Nabi.

The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is known as Ramadan and it falls between the nights of Jumaa and Jambool. The moon during this period is dark and therefore fasting is required in order to receive its rewards. When the moon is first positioned in the sky after the morning sunset, the moon is said to be new and its effects are seen on humans and Muslims who are observing Ramadan.

The tenth month on the Islamic calendar is very important for Muslims and many Muslims throughout the world to observe it. It is also the month when Ramadan comes to an end and the new moon is again visible so people are encouraged to fast. During the tenth month on the Islamic calendar, fasting is required for three whole days.

During the Ramadan period, Muslims from all over the world visit the holy places of Islam like mosques and tombs to commemorate the birth of Islam and the coming of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). During these visits, they perform various activities such as running towards a place known as Ramadan House from the Mausoleum or seeking the place called Masjid Al-Kutub. After reaching these places, they break their fast with lots of fruits and water. Many Muslims believe that during this period, the world was created or shaped by god.

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