What is Prophethood in Islam?

What is Prophethood in Islam? The view on the prophets of God in Ahmadiyya Islam differs considerably from classical Islam. The main difference focuses on the word Khatam an-nabiyyino, with regards to Muhammad that is interpreted by Ahmadis as meaning testification and perfection of prophecy rather than chronological completion. In fact, one of the early Prophetic verses (Kafir) explicitly states that the Ka’aba is the place where the face of Muhammad shall be raised.

What is the significance of this fact? It means that the advent of Prophet Muhammad brought a new era of prophecy and guidance, so all previous prophets were judged as “lesser” by reference to what they had accomplished. This is why Islam ascribed special significance and importance to the advent of prophet Muhammad (SAW), in addition to his being the last Prophet. However, since Islam ascribes divine origins to the Holy Spirit, the advent of Muhammad has been qualified by divine intervention. As such, the concept of what is prophecy in Islam is different from what we know in the Christian tradition.

What is Prophethood in Islam?
What is Prophethood in Islam?

What is the nature of prophecy in Islam? This depends on three things: the nature of the relationship between the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers, the nature of the revelation given by Allah to Muhammad and the level of awareness or knowledge of that knowledge. It also depends on how deeply the believer believes in the reality of Allah and in the need of receiving guidance through the one whom he considers to be the last prophet, Muhammad (SAW). All these conditions are related to the religious ideas of Islam, especially to its Sufi and clerical traditions.

The relationship between the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers is the basis for all the concepts associated with prophecy. They depend on each other and are mutually dependent. The believer receives the revelation from Allah through the prophet’s lips and then believes what has been told him by the Prophet. In this way, his life is guided and he is helped towards what is right by keeping his relationship with the prophet in a holistic manner. It is believed that once a believer starts losing belief in Allah, he becomes an invalid ‘econite’ and is no longer able to receive the necessary guidance from the spiritual world.

Since Islam ascribes a special status to Muhammad (SAW), it follows that once he is dead, his works have no value and are annulled. This is the reason as to what is prophecy in Islam – if one believes in the religion, one must follow its teachings and believe in the prophet – and then leave the religion. There is no other path. Therefore, the believer is not allowed to pass on his beliefs to anyone else, especially to his descendants. This is what is termed as ‘perishing in the faith’.

A believer must be a pure soul in order to enter the paradise called Islam, and only after this, can he achieve Islamic knowledge. One must also be knowledgeable in matters of faith, if he wants to see visions, hear dreams and get guidance from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Only through knowledge, one will be able to correctly relate to the religion and fulfill all his duties and obligations in life.

One must be a Muslim before he can properly answer the question – What is prophecy in Islam? The first and foremost feature of this religion is its monotheism. Each Muslim is a follower of one religion, namely Islam and its prophet Muhammad (SAW). To become a true Muslim, he must completely believe in the religion and follow its teachings. All those who do not believe in Islam or refuse to follow its prescriptions, suffer the consequences of their actions. They are, essentially, ignorant of the religion and thus cannot claim to be true Muslims.

A person must be a Muslim by birth in order to properly worship Allah (God) and thus gain access to paradise. However, there are some sects of Islam that allow their followers to follow other religions such as Christianity or Judaism, so long as they remain true to their religion. What is prophecy in Islam? is a good question to ponder.

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