What is Print Screen?

What is Print Screen? This is one of the frequently asked questions by PC users. Well, to answer this question it is nothing but a software used for printing from the computer. It is generally found in the same area as the shift key and scroll-lock key on your keyboard. This software enables you to see all your open windows and tabs on your screen. Moreover, it can also save all your information such as screen shots and recent files on your desktop.

One of the major advantages of this is that it helps you to track all the activities and monitor your productivity. With the help of this tool, you can view all your captured images, documents presentations, and websites even if you are not connected to the internet. Moreover, with the help of this you can capture all your important information and can use them later. With the help of your Mac keyboard, you will have full control over the captured image or web page. The only thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the shift key pressed while clicking images or web pages on your Mac keyboard.

What is Print Screen?
What is Print Screen?

So, what is Print Screen and why do we need it? Here are some of the major reasons why we should have this useful tool in our desktop computers. When you want to create screenshots of your desktop or want to monitor the activities of your employees in real time, you can make use of Print Screen. Here are some of the Print Screen utilities available in Microsoft Windows operating system:

* Print Screen to Window This is one of the easiest ways to record your entire desktop or any specific window. In this option, you can click and drag on the corner of the screen then click and release the key on your keyboard to capture the selected window. You can also specify a particular window by using the Control Key and Space bar simultaneously. To get started, you need to choose the Print Screen command from the Edit menu.

* Print Screen to iPhone – If you’re an iPhone user and want to see your screen in 3D, you can easily switch between your Mac computer and your iPhone with the help of this option. You can simply click and drag on your monitor and if you are already on your Mac laptop, you can simply tap and drag the tab on the screen and select “print full screen”. This command switches the Mac laptop screen into an iPhone mode. If you wish to do this trick, make sure that you have an iPhone with Bluetooth support. Otherwise, the trick will not work.

* Import Screenshots From External Sources – You can import your files from your hard drive, digital camera, or any other media storage device. You can do so by clicking on the “import from device” option. You can then browse for different images and select the ones that you want to use as your screenshots. By using the Print Screen option from the main menu, you can also add special effects such as parallax and depth of field to your screenshots. To learn how to print screens in your Mac using keyboard shortcuts, you can take some time to explore various options in the System Options section of your computer.

* Copy Scaled screenshots – In order to maximize your utility, you can choose to copy the entire image or select to crop some portions. The cropping option is particularly useful when you want to reduce the size of a screenshot. To do so, just hold Control and the Option key simultaneously. Hold both keys and then click on the cropped portion of the image to open the Properties window. In the General tab, click on the scale option and set the number in units to be the width and height of the captured screen.

* Paste Scaled screenshots into message – In the earlier version of this article, I discussed how to use the copy function of the clipboard. This one also works well in capturing screenshots. All you have to do is right-click the screen and then choose the “Paste” option from the popup menu. The copy will appear as a preview to your screen and you can choose to either save it or not. To indicate which screen will be used for the copied result, enable the Show Hidden Items option. In the General tab, click on the paste option and fill in the parameters of the screen shot such as its title, width, and height.

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