What is Passover?

What is Passover? It is a celebration of the departure of Jesus from the realm of the world and his entrance into heaven. The celebration of Passover commemorates the story of his life and death. The first Passover occurred in Egypt around 6 BCE and was commemorated by giving the Israelites a grain offering, a type of the Passover offering, to their Pharaoh.

Passover celebrations typically take place throughout the year but there is no set date. The exact date of the Passover holiday in Egypt is not known. Some scholars believe it took place during the tenure of Pharaoh Ptolemy, while others believe it was commemorated as early asylonian times.

What is Passover
What is Passover

What is Passover to those who do not know? Passover is a time for giving and receiving free gifts. The giving is not the sole purpose of Passover; rather, it is intended as an opportunity for the Jews to say goodbye to their loved ones and send their prayers to the Lord before leaving for their home. This is why the celebration includes a parade and a “Feasts” of the foods that are eaten in the home and on the way to the holiday destination.

What is Passover to Christians? Passover is a celebration of the Jewish people’s observance of the deaths of their ancestors. Passover sabbath was the first sabbath that was observed by the Jews. The death of their ancestors marked the end of their slavery in Egypt. Many Christians view Passover as a painful reminder of the long history of the Jewish people.

What is Passover to those who are not Jewish? Passover is not only a celebration of death and suffering, but it is also a celebration of freedom. The slaves who were freed by the Children of Israel from Egypt did not forget their faith or their origin. They took their place beside the Gentiles in Israel, and they worshiped the one true God, Yes, God. During the holiday, they remember their past life and they rejoice in the fact that they have now escaped to a nation that does not oppress the innocent.

What is Passover to me? What about those of me who do not celebrate this holiday? What about the families who do not participate in this ancient holiday? What about my kids? What is Passover to them? What is it about Passover that makes it special to so many?

For me Passover is the perfect holiday. It has the perfect symbol to represent the death and exile of our family ancestors, which is the perfect symbolism for my family and me.

I keep all of the meanings of Passover in my head and in my heart. I always tell myself and everyone else, “This is the meaning of Passover!” This is because I have experienced the joy and suffering of Passover.

I keep a small binder with the stories in it every year. I can recite the lessons that I learned from each story and then I can burn the binder as the holiday approaches. The teachings and the traditions of the holiday will stay with me for years to come. I also keep Passover themed crafts and cards to send out to everyone on my mother’s Passover list. These cards always bring back some of the most wonderful memories for me.

What is Passover to you? What about your Passover Holiday? What do you remember about Passover? What do you look forward to as you wrap up the year with this once a year holiday?

I imagine that each and every person on the planet has their own Passover holiday story. Every year I go back and I remember exactly what I did last year during Passover. I remember my misery with the Pharaoh, my escape to Egypt and my daily slave labor in the fields. I’m sure that there are so many other Passover stories that you can easily add to your personal Passover memories.

Keep the holiday in your family’s memories and in your own memories. Let Passover guide you into making your holiday filled with joy and happiness.

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