What is Noom?

The makers of Noom have a long track record at developing health-related apps. They’ve created apps for everything from weight loss to healthcare. So it’s no surprise that Noom is quickly gaining fans as the health and fitness craze picks up.

According to a spokesperson for Noom, the program has more than 50 million users world-wide and has been the only health and fitness app to break into the top five of the most popular Google search results for the past three years. And as winter approaches, many of those same users are looking forward to giving Noom a test run in hopes of shedding those extra pounds this season…

What is Noom?
What is Noom?

It’s all about genetics. While noone will be able to completely change their genes, certain lifestyle choices can have an effect on your health. And for people who want a more extreme approach, Noom is offering a “diet” and supplements that can help manage your nutrition better and shed some pounds faster. The Noom diet offers the use of some 100% natural ingredients and is designed to make eating healthier and losing weight easier and healthier.

According to its creator, Jennifer De Leon, founder and president of Noom Inc., the key to Noom’s success has been its ability to use “genetic algorithms” to determine what your personal “metabolic state” actually is. So, if you have a high metabolic state and are interested in a healthier diet, then you can expect to see your Noom results change accordingly. Based on your answers to questions on your online form, Noom will then determine which lifestyle changes will benefit you the most. For instance, if you want to burn calories more efficiently but don’t want to take any supplements, then you can be assured that Noom can customize a personalized nutrition app just for you. Noom will even give you suggestions about supplements you might need to maximize your weight loss goals, as well as suggestions about Noom diet food choices.

The Noom diet and Noom food choice generator also allows you to download your personalized nutrition app on your phone or smart phone. This means that you will always know what you’re eating and drinking, so you can plan meals around your daily intake and eliminate foods that aggravate your digestive system or that you know will give you a higher energy crash later in the day. The Noom diet even boasts that it will help you break bad habits, such as drinking alcohol at a dinner party with a friend or going out to eat with a big group of friends while your tummy is screaming for more. According to Jennifer De Leon, founder and president of Noom Inc., these personalized grocery and supplement shopping and ordering apps are designed to help consumers “reinvent” their lifestyles for the healthier habits that are good for you, your body and your wallet.

It’s easy to see why the Noom dietitian balked at this innovation. De Leon emphasizes that while her company’s products are very reasonably priced and provide detailed information about each product, she felt the benefits of Noom go beyond the convenience and personalization for busy individuals like herself. “The Noom diet is a diet that gives people more control over their own eating habits. When you use Noom, you can create an eating plan that fits your lifestyle better, rather than having to follow someone else’s diet plan.”

What is Noom? according to its website is “an innovative, automatic diet and nutrition software which combines the power of the internet and personalization. Noom uses an intelligent algorithm that learns from your unique history and preferences to give you a highly personalized shopping experience…no more surveys, forms, and questions… just your nutrition facts.” According to its web site, once a consumer uses the free trial, “your personal nutrition profile will be stored so that you can track it as well as review it at any time… no need to be a nutritionist or dietitian to navigate the menus.”

In the free trial, users can track their food intake, calories burned, weight loss goals, exercise levels, and shopping impulses. According to the Noom web site, “Noom makes diet and nutrition easy because it includes a number of fun and engaging features. You can set up alerts to let you know when you’ve reached a certain point in your goals, such as your calories for the day, the details of your recent dieting activity, and more.” The website also states that the Noom diet can be adjusted with the push of a button; thus, “you can easily vary your Noom diet from day to day, week to week, or even month to month.”

As with any other health and fitness program, you should always consult with your physician before starting on a noom program. Although the Noom diet may appeal to many people who are looking for easy weight loss recipes, it may not be ideal for some people. For example, if you suffer from gastroparesis, a condition that causes pain in the stomach after eating certain foods, or if you have a heart condition, you should consult with your doctor before trying to reduce your caloric intake with noom. However, for most people, the combination of the auto-recurring plan and the ability to track your foods is a great way to lose weight and keep it off.

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