What is Matter?

What is Matter? Matter is defined as something that has mass and occupies space. Matter is present in 3 basic states; solid, gas, and liquid. So, what is matter composed of? All matter is composed of atoms packed closely together and are called solids.

All matter is comprised of atoms but the specific atoms can be different sizes and this is what makes the different types of matter. The atomic number of an atom is also different and this is how we know what element it is. The elements can be made from the other element by bonding them together with another element. These bonds can be weak or strong, and this is how the atom gets its mass. The atom itself is made up of innumerable numbers of tiny atoms and these are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

What is Matter?
What is Matter?

Protons are the most common of the matter particles and they make up a tiny amount of matter. Neutrons have a larger number than protons and these make up a far greater portion of matter. Electrons have an additional electron shell, which makes them unique. There are 12 different types of elements and each one is made up of an electron shell. If you take a hydrogen atom and put in a positron you will get another atom with a similar shell. So, does this mean that matter comes in different shapes?

No, matter consists of stable atoms which are made up of multiple electrons. The number of electrons is what makes an atom is made up of more or less different elements. For example, carbon is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. Each atom has a positive and negative charge and all the molecules are balanced on a 6-direction plane. The structure of the atom gives rise to the different elements that we know of today such as silicon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus.

When you take a look inside of an atom you will see the chemical bonds holding parts of the atom together. Each of the bonding agents is made up of one proton and an electron. This is in turn led to the instability of the atom leading to different kinds of molecules being formed. These molecules are made up of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and water.

When it comes to the question of what is the matter, it helps to understand that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one state to another. In order for something to become unstable, it needs to lose its electrons. When it becomes very heavy, this causes the atom to shrink. As the atom shrinks, it loses energy and begins to vibrate. Eventually, it becomes very hot and can emit light.

The question “what is the matter?” Can also be answered by looking at the process of atomic explosion. When an atom is forced to make a bond with another atom, energy is released, which allows the nucleus to split in two. The two separate atoms have different amounts of protons, thus making each atom unique in its chemical make-up.

We will never understand the makeup of an atom or how it creates the bonds that hold us together, but we can learn about what is matter through observation. We observe things every day that are made up of atoms. We see stars, planets, trees, and so much more. By taking a moment to look deeper into these common objects, we can begin to answer the question “what is the matter?” And the next question may be, “how did this all start?”

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