What is Javascript?

JavaScript, sometimes abbreviated as JS, is a scripting language that implements the ECMA standards. JavaScript is very high-level, usually just-in-time, compiled, and multilayered. It has curly braces, object orientation, and prototype-based functionality.

JavaScript can be utilized to create dynamic web pages or scripts for a variety of purposes. Scripts created with JavaScript are portable and have the ability to interact with all major browsers, including desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet computers and the web browser.

What is Javascript?
What is Javascript?

Javascript supports various types of data types. Javascript can be used to create any type of data, although data types commonly used in Javascript include String, number, object, function, and null. Javascript also provides facilities for working with arrays and lists. Javascript allows for various forms of advanced interactivity. Most web browsers have JavaScript support, but not all browsers have complete capabilities. Browser vendors continue to add features to the JavaScript standard, while maintaining compatibility with the vast majority of existing browsers.

A Javascript function is essentially a small script that runs inside an HTML page. Javascript functions can be single line functions, or complex multi-line functions. A Javascript function can return different values than what is returned by the code within the function, such as the value of the argument if the function is called using the expression for name, instead of just a name. Javascript functions can also return multiple results, such as a list of arguments or a sorted array.

Javascript enables the programmer to create interactive web pages with little or no programming experience. Javascript gives web developers the ability to create web pages that react to user inputs. For example, a web page could display a message box for a visitor, or a pop up box for a user to select one of many choices. Javascript code can also detect mouse movements and automatically expand and collapse paragraphs or formatted text boxes. Javascript makes it easy for web developers to create high quality, professional looking web pages without the need for programming experience.

Javascript allows for various types of data types, especially when external Javascript code is included in the website or when the contents of the webpage are structured using Javascript templates. The most common Javascript code used is the Javascript script tag. The Javascript code within the script tag creates a function that executes when the page is viewed. Javascript can refer to any number of different objects and features. Javascript lets the computer know what the desired outcome should be, depending on the information that is provided within the Javascript code. Javascript can be used within HTML to create a simple and elegant web page, or to create complex interactive web pages.

Web developers who are creating a website or making changes to an existing website will benefit from the use of Javascript. The primary benefit of using Javascript is the ability to use data types within the website, such as lists, maps and dictionaries, which are only available with the use of Javascript. Javascript also provides developers with the ability to create simple text-based applications and allows the use of complex graphics or visual elements, which are difficult to achieve with HTML.

Javascript offers many options for those who are familiar with programming languages. The primary benefits of Javascript are that Javascript is much faster and less error prone than other common web page development techniques, such as CSS. Javascript also enables web developers to create complex programs, which would not be possible using other programming languages. Javascript makes it possible to transfer large files such as images and entire web pages quickly using a web browser.

Learning Javascript does take some time to learn and understand, but the benefits of learning Javascript far outweigh the time involved in understanding how to use JavaScript. For those already familiar with programming languages, the use of Javascript can be fairly easy. Even if you are a beginner to programming, it is still possible to learn how to use Javascript. Javascript is available in many popular open source programs and can be used as a dynamic web programming language. Javascript makes it possible for web developers to create simple applications and complex websites that can increase the functionality of a web page.

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