What is Google Photos?

What is Google Photos? Google Photos is an innovative new photo and video sharing service, designed specifically for the contemporary way you take pictures now. Basically the program acts like a central hub for your whole digital camera collection, so that all your photos can easily be found from any digital device.

You can share them to friends, or even put them on the web for others to enjoy for free. How’s that for an Internet first impression? Just follow these simple steps to set up your Google Photos account and get started.

What is Google Photos?
What is Google Photos?

Sign up for a Google account. This is the first step to using the photos app – all you need is an email address and a credit card to verify your account. There are no subscription fees. To back up your photo collection, you will have to sign up for a free Google Photos account, which will then let you back up all your digital photos in one place.

Click the upload button on the main page. Once you’re logged in to your Google account, you can see all your photos in one location. Click the upload button again to upload all the photos in your photo collection. All the photos in your photo collection can be viewed at once, so they’ll all be viewable in one place. This saves you the hassle of having to open each individual picture in the browser in order to see the photos you want.

There are two ways you can back up your photos using Google Photos. The first is the built-in service offered by Google, and the second is to use third-party apps. Built-in services automatically save your photos on Google Drive, the company’s own online storage service. Third-party apps offer the ability to store your photos in other online services like Dropbox or Box.

The built-in Google Photos service is limited to only a few photo options. You won’t be able to upload full-resolution, printed photos; you won’t even be able to upload high-quality, formatted photos. If you want to edit your photos or add tags, those options won’t be available either. In addition, the free cloud storage service doesn’t offer any sorting options, and you can’t import recent photos onto your phone or tablet.

Google Photos has several apps you can download that will let you manage your photos, videos, and albums from your smartphone, tablet, and web browser. There are apps for sharing photos on your Google+ social network, calendars, and sharing your photos with friends. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, Google Photos can export your photos to a high-quality format used for importing into apps like iGoogle.

Google Photos may not be as extensive as some of its competitors, but it does have one distinct advantage over many of the other options you’ll find for photo storage. When you’re looking to publish photos online, there are two options you can choose from: uploading directly to a free web service like Flickr or Picasa, or publishing your photos on a third-party site like Amazon Photos. Google Photos has the distinct advantage of offering a feature called unlimited storage, which allows you to upload as many photos as you’d like for free. As long as you remember to delete old photos after each upload, you’ll never run out of space. That’s about all the extra features this free photo storage app has to offer.

The main feature of this photo album app is the enhanced, smart search functionality. You can simply tap into the search box on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to find any picture, and you’ll get an array of results related to the particular subject in the photo. For example, if you want to see all the latest photos of Barack Obama, you can simply type in his name and the photo album will display all of the latest shots of the president, along with a link to his official website where more information can be found. You can also search by date, making it very easy to organize recent photos by season, event, category, or even time period. One of the best parts of this smart search functionality is that it works with any version of Android, so whether you’re viewing images on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or TV you can do so easily.

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