What is CloudFlare?

What is CloudFlare? Cloudflare is a web hosting company which offers DDoS and other Internet-based attack solutions, along with other advanced features. They are owned by Google and offer the best SEO, search engine marketing, cloud computing, and managed servers at an affordable price.

What is CloudFlare? Cloudflare is a web hosting company providing high-speed, flexible infrastructure for Internet applications and content delivery. It uses its proprietary cloud platform to deliver high-value traffic to any browser and to provide dynamic and streamlined experiences.

What is CloudFlare?
What is CloudFlare?

With a comprehensive portfolio of rich internet application technology and highly scalable routing and collation strategy, they offer a comprehensive solution for custom- tailored online business traffic management. They currently offer ddos attack protection, custom- tailored customer gateways, managed dns services, and secure socket layer (SSL) for secure ecommerce.

What is CloudFlare? Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) services that provides Layer 2 data centers for websites and e-commerce websites. It also manages servers and software, to provide you with a competitive advantage and a hassle-free operation. The first advantage that you gain with this service is the cost reduction. They manage their data centers and servers efficiently to bring down the total cost of running a website or an e-commerce site.

The second advantage is that you get a high level of redundancy, scalability, reliability and uptime guarantee. With a carefully selected set of data centers, cloudflare ensures you of a high degree of redundancy and guaranteed uptime. This in turn ensures that your website gets the heavy load times without compromising your website’s performance and speed. The guaranteed uptime and high degree of reliability and scalability are another way by which you can make the most of cloudflare.

In order to understand what is CloudFlare you need to know what is the difference between a traditional cabled intranet system and a CDN? A traditional intranet system is one in which files and documents are stored on one central server. This server can be placed in any geographical location provided there is connectivity to the internet. As you make changes to the documents and you update your website or make changes in the content or layout of your website, all these changes are reflected in the website and are sent to the remote servers.

Cloud computing is basically a set of technologies that enables servers to deliver the requested information to the visitor’s computer via a broadband Internet connection. In this process, the server does not know the identity of the user such as his IP address. This process is done by using a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) technique to attack the origin server, hence preventing the visitor from accessing his website. With the help of CloudFlare technology, an anonymous visitor to your website can cause such attacks to happen.

Basically it is impossible for an IP address to be blocked by a Cloud computing provider. What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a software application which is installed on the server which delivers the requested information to web sites, and which acts as a gateway between the web sites and the origin server. The CloudFlare service also fetches requested pages from anywhere in the world and delivers them to the visitors of the particular website. The advantage of using cloudflare is that it makes it possible for web sites to handle multiple requests simultaneously without affecting each other.

Another major advantage of using cloudflare is that it dramatically improves site scalability. As we know, scalability refers to the ability of websites to increase their traffic based on the existing demand. In a way, this is similar to an unlimited budget. Now, if you start working with a company that has recently launched a project that requires a lot of traffic and bandwidth then the best option for you is to get a package which will allow you to easily increase your website traffic. The reason why companies have started using cloudflare is because they are able to make a significant reduction in their overall server costs using this method.

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