What are Aliens?

What are Aliens? Extraterrestrial life exists beyond our comprehension and that life did once exist on other planets and that life did once originate on other planets. Such life may range from simple bacteria to complex prokaryotes and even sapient beings, perhaps bringing forth advanced civilizations that may be a lot more technologically advanced than human beings.

How do they fit into the equation of finding life on other planets and moons besides Earth? We know that there is a vast amount of water on other planets in our solar system and further out in our galaxy. So, what if there were aliens using water to form life? Some scientists believe that there could be microbial colonies far deeper in our planet’s ice, using an environment very similar to that of our own.

What are Aliens?
What are Aliens?

A close shave, a brush with the cosmic clouds, or perhaps a signal from an orbiting space ship. There is more evidence that some alien cultures or beings have been in contact with our space friends. The credible theories include communication with a friendly radio show, signals from spaceships landing, and signals from distant planets.

The term “alien” has a negative connotation. It is used to describe paranormal beings from another dimension. It is used to explain anomalies that challenge the credibility of scientific theories, such as the Flatwoods Model, the Murchison Model, and the Roswell Model. If aliens were really visiting our planet from another planet or region of the universe, there would have to be detectable physical signs that they have been there.

Astronomy experts say that there is only one known planet in the entire solar system that possesses life. That planet is called “Ophiuchus.” Astronomers have discovered that there are other planets in the solar system that may also have life, but no signs of these other planets have been found to date.

If NASA’s telescopes cannot find any signs of aliens, what are they? NASA and other space agencies have telescopes at their disposal that they use to study the outer space, looking for anything that looks suspicious. One example of this would be the Search for Extraterrestrial Life or SETI. This research project is looking for radio signals or light signals that could be from alien civilizations using their radio transmissions to send and receive information from their sun like our planet.

Are they animals? Extraterrestrials, which are beings of organic origins, do exist. We know that animals exist on other planets in our solar system, and that they must have been able to colonize those other planets without having their own transportation systems. Therefore, if we are to go to other solar systems to look for aliens, we must find animals living in them. The fossil record has proven that animals have lived in both ocean and land environments.

If we find evidence of aliens, they will most likely be very different from what we expect. Such species would have sent out a distress signal to find its home planet, and it would most likely be very different from anything that we think of as intelligent life. Such an alien culture would have sent us a message, and possibly DNA samples, which could be analyzed by an independent laboratory and provide some evidence that the specie was indeed unique species.

We have reason to suspect that there is no terrestrial life existing on our earth because all evidence points to the fact that it did not evolve with the earthlings over time, but that it developed first inside of a planet like Venus. If there exists a planet where terrestrial animals once roamed freely, it is highly unlikely that any independent laboratory would be willing to test such samples, as the odds of such a planet being capable of supporting life are simply too low.

Astronomers have detected vast amounts of dust surrounding billions of stars in the distant universe, and the majority of these solar systems are extremely hot and very dark. If there are intelligent lifeforms living on the gas giants of the solar system, it is highly unlikely that they could be explained by science as being less than 5% of the overall star mass, and therefore it is most likely that these aliens were able to colonise this solar system very quickly, leaving behind traces of their biological material to survive.

There is a possibility that we may one day find aliens on earth because if aliens built those impressive structures on the moon and Mars, then it would take a very long time to travel to them using current technology. Most scientists believe that it is completely impossible for humans to reach another planet in a reasonable amount of time, and therefore we must assume that aliens have left some kind of time capsule. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what that capsule might contain, or if it exists at all, and a trip to the moon or another planet is probably out of the question, unless you own a time capsule!

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