Is DeepMind a Public Company?

Is DeepMind a public company? You might have heard that it’s not yet, but the company’s 2020 filing indicates it’s going public. The company is closely tied to Alphabet, which has already invested heavily in the company. In 2019, Alphabet made $182.5 billion in revenue and lost $680 million. In 2020, DeepMind reported a profit of PS43.8 million. That’s about a 64% increase in revenue, though it lost $649 million last year.

A recent investigation by an ex-deepmind employee has exposed a culture of sexual harassment and assault at the firm. The ex-employee, identified by Insider, claims that she suffered harassment and sexual assault from a senior colleague, and a long and drawn-out complaints process. Both Alphabet and DeepMind have yet to respond to these allegations. Despite these accusations, one former employee is launching an open letter to force changes in the company.

A recent public statement revealed that DeepMind had obtained 1.6 million NHS patient records without legal authorization. While this may seem like a big deal, the deal violated UK data law. The company later announced the creation of a new ethics team for its AI research. The unit was later named DeepMind Ethics & Society and Hern and Temperton wrote articles on the topic. It’s unclear exactly what the company’s ethics department will look like.

The company’s main area of focus is deep reinforcement learning, a branch of machine learning that is very useful for scientific research. It has used deep reinforcement learning to train robotic hands, predict protein structures, and even simulate autonomous driving. In addition to developing artificial intelligence, DeepMind is also working on research projects that use biological data. These projects have included studying the coronavirus. Its AlphaFold system is currently analysing protein structures.

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