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Azande people

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non-Zande dynasty, the Bandia, expanded into northern Zaire and adopted some of the Zande customs. In the early 19th century, the Bandia people ruled...

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Zande may refer to: Zande people, of north central Africa Zande language, the language of the Azande people Zande, Belgium Xande, Zande in the NES fan...

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Zande language

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Zande is the largest of the Zande languages. It is spoken by the Azande, primarily in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and western...

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Zande languages

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The Zande languages are half a dozen closely related languages of the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan...

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Azande witchcraft

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among the Zande people of North Central Africa is magic used to inflict harm on an individual that is native to the Azande tribal peoples. The belief...

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Azande Kingdom

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The Zande, also known as Azande Kingdom is a kingdom predominantly dominated by the Zande people or tribe. It is located in the area of Western Equatoria...

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Azande Ani Kpi Gbe

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"Centrafrique : la ville de Mboki secouée par des combats entre la milice locale A Zandé Ani Kpi Gbé et l'UPC". Radio Ndeke Luka. Retrieved 10...

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Zande literature

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Zande literature consists of the (mostly oral) literature of the Zande people of North Central Africa. A collection of Zande stories, Pa Rika Anya na Asanza...

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kusarigama and kama, the Chinese chicken sickles, and the makraka of the Zande people of north central Africa. Paulus Hector Mair, the author of a German Renaissance...

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Jemma Nunu Kumba

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the former minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries and belongs to Zande people. The couple has four children. SPLM SPLA "Honourable Jemma Nunu Kumba"...

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Renger van der Zande

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Renger van der Zande (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈrɛ.ŋər vɑn dər ˈzɑn.də]; born 16 February 1986) is a Dutch racing driver who currently competes in the IMSA...

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outcome of the oracle can be taken as law in certain circumstances when a Zande Chief is present. The practice is increasingly rare since colonial times...

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Boa people

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Republic of the Congo. They are in close contact with the Mangbetu and Zande peoples. Most of the inhabitants of the Bas-Uele District, with a population...

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African divination

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lance which is composed of copper, to divine. One method utilised by the Zandé people, is the poison-chicken method, in this, a chicken is administered poison...

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Sibling relationship

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families would marry each other. Sibling marriage is also common among the Zande people of Central Africa.[citation needed] In a number of European countries...

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Nyam Nyam

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refer to: Nyam Nyam (band), a 1980s post-punk band from Hull, England Zande people or Niam-Niam (also Nyam-Nyam) Tiny Teddy biscuits or Nyam-Nyam Teddy...

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Louis du Couret

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his writing and stories, including Heinrich Kiepert. His visits to the Zande people were later discovered as being false. His work is held in the collection...

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African harp

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Ngonfi, Gabon, Manango people. Arched harp, 8 strings. Nkundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zande people, Bondo people, Bari people. Arched harp, resembles...

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Luigi Zande

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Zande stayed at the school teaching stone masonry to people in the area and helping to construct many buildings located on the schools campus. Zande gained...

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Joseph Bakosoro

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Nyadeng Malek and Governor of Upper Nile Simon Kun Poch. He belongs to Zande of Kowe clan. Sudan Tribune, Sudan Tribune. "Western Equatoria caretaker...

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Topoke people

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would have abandoned this territory when threatened by the Baboa and Zande people. During their march to the south, they would have first settled on the...

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LGBT history

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Today, motsoalle relationships have largely disappeared. Among the Zande people of Congo, there was a social institution similar to pederasty in Ancient...

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Profession of Medicine

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and the supposed removing "magical pellets" embedded in the body. The Zande people believed that witchcraft was an innate property of individuals passed...

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