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Yuna River
Río Yuna
Río Yuna.JPG
Yuna River Map.png
Map showing the Yuna drainage basin
CountryYuna River Dominican Republic
ProvincesMonseñor Nouel, Sánchez Ramírez, Duarte, Samaná
CitiesBonao, Cotuí
Physical characteristics
SourceCerro Montoso Hill
 • locationLa Cuesta de la Vaca, Bonao, Monseñor Nouel, Dominican Republic
 • coordinates18°47′16″N 70°25′05″W / 18.78778°N 70.41806°W / 18.78778; -70.41806
 • elevation1,075 m (3,527 ft)
MouthSamaná Bay
 • location
Los Haitises National Park, Sánchez, Samaná, Dominican Republic
 • coordinates
19°11′47″N 69°37′24″W / 19.19639°N 69.62333°W / 19.19639; -69.62333Coordinates: 19°11′47″N 69°37′24″W / 19.19639°N 69.62333°W / 19.19639; -69.62333
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length185.17 km (115.06 mi)[1]
Basin size5,498 km2 (2,123 sq mi)[2]
Basin features
 • leftTireo River, Masipedro River, Yujo River, Camú River, Cuaba River, Nigua River, Yaiba River, Baiguate River, Azucey River, Guayabo River
 • rightYuboa River, Maimón River, Maguaca River, Chacuey River, Payabo River

The Yuna River (Spanish: Río Yuna) is the second longest river in the Dominican Republic[2] at 185.17 km (115.06 miles) in length. It forms within the Cordillera Central mountain range southwest of the city of Bonao in Monseñor Nouel Province, and passes through the fertile Cibao Valley.[3] The river from there turns north-northeast passing the city of Bonao along the way. Southwest of Cotuí, the river reaches Hatillo Dam (Spanish: Presa de Hatillo) before turning northeast then east as it reaches its mouth at the Samaná Bay in the northeast part of the Dominican Republic.[4] Like many rivers in the Dominican Republic, the name is derived from the Taíno language.[5]

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