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Yakut language information

Sakha tyla
саха тыла sakha tïla
Pronunciation[saχa tɯla]
Native toRussia
RegionYakutia, Magadan Oblast, Amur Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai (Evenkiysky District)
Native speakers
450,000[1] (2010 census)
Language family
  • Common Turkic
    • Siberian Turkic
      • Northern Siberian
        • Yakut
Writing system
Cyrillic (formerly Latin and Cyrillic-based)
Official status
Official language in
Yakut language Russia
  • Yakut language Yakutia
Language codes
ISO 639-2sah
ISO 639-3sah
Yakut and Dolgan languages.png
  Sakha language
  Dolgan language
Lang Status 80-VU.png
Yakut is classified as Vulnerable by the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
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Yakut, also known as Yakutian, Sakha, Saqa or Saxa (Yakut: саха тыла), is a Turkic language spoken by around 450,000 native speakers, primarily the ethnic Yakuts and one of the official languages of Sakha (Yakutia), a federal republic in the Russian Federation.

The Yakut language differs from all other Turkic languages in the presence of a layer of vocabulary of unclear origin (possibly Paleo-Siberian). There is also a large number of words of Mongolian origin related to ancient borrowings, as well as numerous recent borrowings from Russian. Like other Turkic languages and their ancestor Proto-Turkic, Yakut is an agglutinative language and employs vowel harmony.

  1. ^ [1], Russian census 2010

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Yakut language

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Yakut, also known as Yakutian, Sakha, Saqa or Saxa (Yakut: саха тыла), is a Turkic language spoken by around 450,000 native speakers, primarily the ethnic...

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region. The Yakut language belongs to the Siberian branch of the Turkic languages. The Russian word yakut was taken from Evenk yokō. The Yakuts call themselves...

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Look up yakut, Yakut, or Yakutian in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Yakut or Yakutian may refer to: Yakuts, the Turkic peoples indigenous to the Sakha...

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Yakut scripts

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the Yakut language and some of the Yakut vocabulary, written in an approximate transcription in Latin, was published in 1705. The first real Yakut alphabet...

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Dolgan language

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the language continues to fade. Dolgan, along with its close relative Sakha (Yakut), belongs to the North Siberian subbranch of the Turkic language family...

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development of the Yakut language) as the Evenk and Yukaghir exonyms for the Yakuts. It is pronounced as Haka by the Dolgans, whose language is either a dialect...

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Yakutian knife

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byhagha; Russian: якутский нож), sometimes called the Yakut knife, is a traditional knife of Yakuts (an ethnic group from the Sakha Republic (or Yakutia)...

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Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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The Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Russian: Якутская Автономная Советская Социалистическая Республика, Yakutskaya Avtonomnaya Sovetskaya...

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Yakutian horse

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The Yakutian (Yakut: Саха ата, Sakha ata) or Yakut is a native horse breed from the Siberian Sakha Republic (or Yakutia) region. It is large compared to...

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Republics of Russia

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people were already a minority in their own homeland, like the Buryat ASSR. Language and culture flourished and ultimately institutionalized ethnicity in the...

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as Yakutsk. Kut, Irkutsk, Ust-Kut root 1 kut angle in East Slavic languages The Yakuts, also known as the Sakha people, migrated to the area during the...

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Flag of the Sakha Republic

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The flag of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Yakut: Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтин былааҕа Saqa Öröspüübülüketin Bılaağa; Russian: Флаг Республики Саха (Якутия))...

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Tygyn Darkhan

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Tygyn Darkhan (Yakut: Тыгын Дархан; Russian: Тынин; ?–1632) was a legendary Yakut hero and the subject of many tales, a chief of the Kangalas ulus (clan)...

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Sakha cuisine

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Sakha cuisine (Yakut: Саха аһа) encompasses the customary and traditional cooking techniques and culinary arts of Sakha. It is influenced by the area's...

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Taymyr Autonomous Okrug. Dolgans speak the Dolgan language, which is closely related to the Yakut language. In the 17th century, the Dolgans lived in the...

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Zoya Basharina

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critic, philologist, and academic, known especially for her work in the Yakut language. Born in Borogonsky Rural Okrug of Bulunsky District in the Sakha Republic...

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List of Turkic languages

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(Yoɣïr lar) (direct descendant of the language called Old Uyghur, Old Turkic or Orkhon Turkic) North Siberian Sakha (Yakut) (Saxa tıla) Central Western Lena...

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Russian ruble

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manet; Yakut: солкуобай solkuobay Tatar: тиен tiyen; Bashkir: тин tin; Chuvash: пус pus; Ossetian: капекк kapekk; Udmurt: коны kony; Mari: ыр yr; Yakut: харчы...

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Head of the Sakha Republic

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Республики Саха (Якутия), romanized: Glava Respubliki Sakha (Yakutia); Yakut: Саха Өрөспγγбγлγкэтин Ил Дархана; Ил Дархан, romanized: Sakha Öröspüübülüketin...

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Semyon Novgorodov

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February 13, 1892 – 28 February 1924) was a Yakut politician and linguist, the creator of a Yakut written language. Semyon Andreyevich Novgorodov was born...

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Lena Pillars

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Lena Pillars (Russian: Ле́нские столбы́, tr. Lenskiye Stolby; Yakut: Өлүөнэ туруук хайалара, Ölüöne Turūk Khayalara) is the name given to a natural rock...

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Aysen Nikolayev

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Николаев, Yakut: Сэргэй уола Ньукулаайап Айыы Сиэн, romanized: Sergej uola Njukulaajap Ajyy Sien; born 22 January 1972) is a Russian politician of Yakut ethnicity...

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Platon Oyunsky

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of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Sleptsov was a Soviet Yakut statesman, writer, translator and champion of Yakuts language. In addition...

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Summit Camp Oymyakon Plateau Russian: Оймяко́н, pronounced [ɐjmʲɪˈkon]; Yakut: Өймөкөөн, Öymököön, IPA: [øjmøˈkøːn] Russian Federal State Statistics Service...

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State Anthem of the Soviet Union

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riigihümn (Estonian) SNTL:n valtiohymni (Finnish) ССРС өрөгөйүн ырыата (Yakut) UdSSR-Hymne (German) Hymne de l'URSS (French) Szovjetunió Himnusz (Hungarian)...

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Voiced velar fricative

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fricative is a type of consonantal sound that is used in various spoken languages. It is not found in Modern English but existed in Old English. The symbol...

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List of national mottos

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бӕстӕты пролетартӕ баиу ут!).[citation needed]  Yakutia:Sakha Republic (Yakut: Республика Саха, Russian: Республика Саха).[citation needed]  Tatarstan...

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State Anthem of the Sakha Republic

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coat of arms of the Sakha Republic. It was originally written in the Yakut language by Savva Tarasov and Mikhail Timofeyev. The anthem was translated into...

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Uriankhai (traditional Mongolian: ᠤᠷᠢᠶᠠᠩᠬᠠᠢ, Mongolian Cyrillic: урианхай; Yakut: урааҥхай; simplified Chinese: 乌梁海; traditional Chinese: 烏梁海; pinyin: Wūliánghǎi)...

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Olongkho (Yakut: Олоҥхо IPA /oloŋχo/, Russian: Олонхо́) is a series of Yakut heroic epics. The term Olonkho is used to refer to the entire Yakut epic tradition...

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Tungus Republic

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romanized: Vremennoye Tsentral'noye Tungusskoye Natsional'noye Upravleniye; Yakut: Быстах Киин Тоҥ уус Национальнай Дьаһалта, romanized: Ïïstax Kiin Toŋ uus...

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Religion in Russia

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Fire ceremony for Ysyakh, the Yakut New Year. Aal Luuk Mas, Yakut world tree, symbolising the three levels of reality. Yakut ritual dance in circle. Buryat...

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Yakutsk Airport

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Platon Oyunsky Yakutsk International Airport (Yakut: Платон Ойуунускай аатынан аан дойдутааҕы Дьокуускай аэропорт, Platon Ojuunuskaj aatynan aan dojdutaaghy...

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List of modern pagan movements

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Zalmoxianism Aar Aiyy Faith (Yakut: Аар Айыы итэҕэлэ) (1996) Aiyy Faith (Yakut: Айыы итэҕэлэ), former Kut-Siur (1990) Aiyy Tangara Faith (Yakut: Айыы Таҥара итэҕэлэ)...

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Date format by country

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republiky". Archived from the original on 2011-01-04. "Danish language locale for Denmark, Narrative Cultural Specification". Archived...

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Yukagir (Russian: Юкагир; Yakut: Дьүкээгир) is a rural locality (a selo), the only inhabited locality, and the administrative center of Yukagirsky National...

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Sardana Oyunskaya

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Institute of Language, Literature and History in 1962. She authored a monograph on Yakut folk riddles, and co-authored publications on Yakut fairy tales...

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Verkhoyansk (Russian: Верхоянск, IPA: [vʲɪrxɐˈjansk]; Yakut: Верхоянскай, Verkhoyanskay) is a town in Verkhoyansky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia...

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Central Siberian Plateau

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(Russian: Среднесибирское плоскогорье, romanized: Srednesibirskoye ploskogorye; Yakut: Орто Сибиир хаптал хайалаах сирэ) is a vast mountainous area in Siberia...

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Flag of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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The flag the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was adopted in 1954 by the government of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The flag...

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centuries, Tengrism was mostly monotheistic. Abdulkadir Inan argues that Yakut and Altai shamanism are not entirely equal to the ancient Turkic religion...

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Voiced uvular fricative

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uvular fricative is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this...

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The Abaasy (Abaahy or Abasy, Yakut: Aбаасы, Abaası [abaːsɯ]; Dolgan: Абааһы, Abaahı; Bulgarian: Абааси, Abaasi; Russian: Абасы, Abasy; cognate of the...

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Russkoye Ustye

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Russkoye Ustye (Russian: Ру́сское У́стье; Yakut: Русскай Устье) is a rural locality (a selo), the only inhabited locality, and the administrative center...

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List of modern pagan temples

Last Update:

мудрости Перуна) in Omsk of the Ynglings House of Purification/Archie Diete (Yakut: Арчы Дьиэтэ), Tengrist "Aiyy Faith" temple (2002), Yakutsk, Yakutia, taken...

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Stanovoy Range

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The Stanovoy Range (Russian: Станово́й хребе́т, Stanovoy khrebet; Yakut: Сир кура; simplified Chinese: 外兴安岭; traditional Chinese: 外興安嶺; pinyin: Wài Xīng'ān...

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