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Yakut language information

Саха тыла, saxa tıla
Pronunciation[saχa tɯla]
Native toRussia
RegionYakutia, Magadan Oblast, Amur Oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai (Evenkiysky District)
Native speakers
c. 480,000[1]
Language family
  • Common Turkic
    • Siberian Turkic
      • Northern Siberian
        • Yakut
Writing system
Cyrillic (formerly Latin and Cyrillic-based)
Official status
Official language in
Yakut language Russia
  • Yakut language Yakutia
Language codes
ISO 639-2sah
ISO 639-3sah
  Sakha language
  Dolgan language
Yakut is classified as Vulnerable by the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
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Yakut /jəˈkt/ yə-KOOT,[2] also known as Yakutian, Sakha, Saqa or Saxa (Yakut: саха тыла), is a Turkic language belonging to Siberian Turkic branch and spoken by around 450,000 native speakers, primarily the ethnic Yakuts and one of the official languages of Sakha (Yakutia), a federal republic in the Russian Federation.

The Yakut language differs from all other Turkic languages in the presence of a layer of vocabulary of unclear origin (possibly Paleo-Siberian). There is also a large number of words of Mongolian origin related to ancient borrowings, as well as numerous recent borrowings from Russian. Like other Turkic languages and their ancestor Proto-Turkic, Yakut is an agglutinative language and features vowel harmony.

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Yakut language

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Yakut /jəˈkuːt/ yə-KOOT, also known as Yakutian, Sakha, Saqa or Saxa (Yakut: саха тыла), is a Turkic language belonging to Siberian Turkic branch and...

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development of the Yakut language) as the Evenk and Yukaghir exonyms for the Yakuts. It is pronounced as Haka by the Dolgans, whose language is a close relative...

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Yakut shamanism is a folk religion traditionally practiced by the Yakuts. Accounts of the supernatural have been preserved in the olonkho, a musical folklore...

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Dolgano-Nenetsky District. Dolgan speak the Dolgan language, which is closely related to the Yakut language. In the 17th century, the Dolgans lived in the...

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Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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The Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Russian: Якутская Автономная Советская Социалистическая Республика, romanized: Yakutskaya Avtonomnaya...

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Baydzharakh (Russian: Байджарах; Yakut: Бадьараах, Baçaraakh) is a term based in the Yakut language, referring to a roughly cone-shaped natural rock formation...

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National Liberation Struggle of the Yakut people

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discrimination of the Yakut people on national and linguistic grounds). The formation of the Yakut people (Sakha) and its culture (language, religion, craftsmanship...

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Anastasia Syromyatnikova

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Anastasia Savvichna Syromyatnikova (Yakut: Анастасия Саввична Сыромятникова) (June 24, 1915 - August 16, 1997) was a Yakut writer. Born in Tomponsky District...

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Yakutsk (Russian: Якутск; Yakut: Дьокуускай, romanized: J̌okuuskay, pronounced [ɟokuːskaj]) is the capital city of Sakha, Russia, located about 450 km...

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Tygyn Darkhan

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Tygyn Darkhan (Yakut: Тыгын Дархан; Russian: Тынин; ?–1632) was a legendary Yakut hero and the subject of many tales, a chief of the Kangalas ulus (clan)...

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Zoya Basharina

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critic, philologist, and academic, known especially for her work in the Yakut language. Born in Borogonsky Rural Okrug of Bulunsky District in the Sakha Republic...

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Flag of the Sakha Republic

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The flag of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Yakut: Саха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтин былааҕа Saqa Öröspüübülüketin Bılaağa; Russian: Флаг Республики Саха (Якутия))...

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Sakha cuisine (Yakut: Саха аһа) encompasses the customary and traditional cooking techniques and culinary arts of Sakha. Sakha cuisine is influenced by...

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State Anthem of the Soviet Union

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riigihümn (Estonian) SNTL:n valtiohymni (Finnish) ССРС өрөгөйүн ырыата (Yakut) СССРалъул пачалихъияб гимн (Avar) UdSSR-Hymne (German) Hymne de l'URSS...

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