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Luke McGrath

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Player of the year (1): 2016–17 "Leinster Rugby Announce Contract Renewals for 2014/2015 : News | The...

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List of web service frameworks

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WSDL, XML, JSON, REST, MTOM, MSMQ, IPC, P2P, TCP, UDP, WebSocket WSO2 WSF/PHP PHP Client/Server SOAP MTOM, WS-Addressing, WS-Security, WS-SecurityPolicy...

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Comparison of programming languages

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694-1985 Objects - Definition & Usage "Ballerina Language Specification" (PDF). WSO2. 2018-05-01. Retrieved 2018-05-03. POSIX.2, Shell and Utilities, Command...

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Google Analytics

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Technologies". "Analytics by Net Conversion". iTunes. "Google Analytics Tracking for WSO2 API Manager". "API Limits and Quotas - Analytics Management API - Google...

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Timeline of programming languages

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Supernova 2017 C++17 C++ ISO/IEC 14882:2017 C++, Standard C, C 2017 Ballerina WSO2, Open Source Java, Javascript, Go, Rust, C# 2017 Q# Microsoft C#, F#, Python...

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Colin Gonsalves

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[2] Interview on NDTV Speech at WSO Dinner...

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Eclipse Che

Last Update:

Codenvy like IBM, Red Hat, Samsung, SAP, Microsoft, Intuit, eXo Platform, WSO2, and Serli, as well as numerous open source contributors from Brazil, Canada...

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List of Cold War pilot defections

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Iraqi military spokesman identified the pilot and weapon systems officer (WSO) as Major Ahmed Murad Talibi and Captain Hassan Nagafi Habibullah. Upon landing...

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Adrian Gray

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Darts Database. Retrieved 13 November 2015. Official website Adrian Gray...

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