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WordPress (also known as WP or is a web content management system. It was originally created as a tool to publish blogs but has evolved...

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RedBeanPHP Nibble Framework: a plugin-based framework for PHP [1] First commit of RedBeanPHP on Github

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MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl and Python for Windows NT, Linux and macOS. It comes with 419 PHP web applications, over 1000[weasel words] PHP classes and 6...

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File inclusion vulnerability

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locations. The directive is allow_url_fopen in PHP versions <= 4.3.4 and allow_url_include since PHP 5.2.0. In PHP 5.x this directive is disabled by default...

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(the web server); MySQL or MariaDB (the database management system); and PHP, Perl, or Python (programming languages used for web development). The name...

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Italian Wikipedia

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announcement (English version); permanent link: "Intercettazioni...

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List of electronic laboratory notebook software packages

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OpenWetWare PHP GPL v2 MIT elabFTW PHP GNU AGPLv3 Personal computer or server Developed at Curie Institute, Paris CFWPELN (Cloneable Free WP ELN) PHP GNU General...

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Shilad; Musicant, David R.; Terveen, Loren; Riedl, John (October 3–5, 2011). WP:Clubhouse? An Exploration of Wikipedia's Gender Imbalance (PDF). WikiSym'2011...

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List of cancelled Nintendo DS games

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of a Boy and His Blob on DS - Feature". "Unfinished...

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Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run

Last Update: [bare URL PDF] "MYLAPS...

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Reverse Polish notation

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John A. Ball in 1978. The community-developed calculators WP 34S (2011), WP 31S (2014) and WP 34C (2015), which are based on the HP 20b/HP 30b hardware...

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WARC bands

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org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=175&Itemid=127 accessed 12 January 2011 IARU Region 2 band plan

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List of SM Supermalls

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on February 15, 2023. Retrieved February 19, 2023. "SM Prime Investor Kit...

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Swedish Wikipedia

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Koehl together with Johan Dahlin and Max Walter. The latter, contemporary PHP-engined MediaWiki Swedish interface premiered on 1 December...

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Deborah Perry Piscione

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19, 2011. Retrieved December 3, 2012. < Archived...

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Laser Radial

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Tri Mumpuni

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Independent researcher, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, social activist, and micro-hydropower inventor Website

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Case sensitivity

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article to avoid a WP:INTDAB error. Although one can explicitly set a single database or column collation to be case-sensitive See WP:DIFFCAPS Kernighan...

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M95 mortar

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Matthias Schweger

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Awards". New York Festivals awards: <,1&wp=info&id=243373> Worldfest awards: <"Archived copy". Archived from the...

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General Dynamics European Land Systems

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MilitaryLeak. Retrieved 2023-09-01. NZZ/jc...

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